Forgot to Spring Clean? Top Repairs Your Roof Likely Needs

Your spring cleaning should include getting a roof inspection and taking care of any issues you find up there, including getting loose tiles replaced in Glendale or cleaning off any moss that has grown on the roofing materials. You should also clean your gutters to make sure they are properly clearing water away from the roof and not pushing it back under the tiles.

Top repairs your roof likely needs

If you forgot to spring clean – or you just put it off for other reasons – now is the time to have a professional look at your roof and make sure that it doesn’t need repairs. Here are some of the top repairs your roof likely needs if you have been doing the proper cleaning and roof maintenance:

Cracked or Missing Tile or Shingle

If your tile roof is in need of repair call an expert roofer
Cracked or missing tile or shingle can allow water to seep into your home and cause extensive damage. It won’t happen right away, but the cumulative effect can be significant over time. Getting routine roof inspections will help you detect these issues before the problem happens.

If you skipped your spring inspection, you might have some damaged or missing roof materials and may need to have them replaced. This is a common roof repair in Glendale, Arizona, where the intense heats and the monsoons routinely damage tiles and shingle.

Broken Flashing

Get a roofer to fix broken flashing on your roof

Flashing is one of the most common causes of roof problems. Flashing is installed around chimneys, vent pipes, and other items that intersect the roof. It provides protection for the cracks that are between the tile or shingle and the intersecting item. The flashing often fails before the other roofing materials.

Again, you are unlikely to know that there is a problem with your flashing if you haven’t invested in an inspection. The longer the issue goes unnoticed, the more damage it will allow to occur. Get a Glendale roofer to check out your flashing and see if you need any roof repair before the problem grows larger.

Rotting Subdecking

Over time, improper ventilation, cracked or missing tile or shingle, broken flashing, or problems in the valleys can let water seep into your home. Even small amounts of water can accumulate over time, causing the wood and the underlayment in the roof’s subdecking to rot.

There are several ways to figure out if your roof’s decking may be damaged or rotting. You may see noticeable sagging in your roof if the rotting has progressed significantly. Smaller dips in the roof may not be visibly noticeable, but you may see pooling water on spots of the roof. You may also see signs of the problem inside the attic, such as dark spots, mold, or rotting wood. Any of these signs are reason to call a reputable roofer in Glendale.

Glendale Roof Repair by AZ Native Roofing


Get a roofer to fix punctures in your roof

Arizona is known for its monsoons. Your roof can get battered by heavy rain, hail, and high winds, which can cause a lot of damage, such as blowing the tile off the roof. The monsoons can also blow around debris and cause tree limbs to break off. If one of those limbs or a piece of heavy debris hits your roof, it can create a small hole in all layers of the roof or in some of the materials.

Having a hole in your roof may not be as obvious as it seems. That’s why you need your spring inspection to discover the issue before it leads to major damage.

You may have put off or forgotten to do your spring cleaning and have your roof inspected, but you still have time to get it taken care of. You can schedule a roof inspection now, but don’t be surprised if you find out that you need to make a roof repair or two. Proper roof maintenance throughout the year will help you avoid future repairs.

Call AZ Native Roofing to schedule your roof maintenance or inspection and protect your property. If you already know that your roof has issues, we can also perform the roof repair that is needed. Our highly skilled roofers are some of the best in Arizona, and they make great customer service as big a priority as excellent workmanship. Call us today to schedule an inspection and get an estimate for the work you need done.

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