Is My Air Conditioner Causing Roof Leaks?

When living in Phoenix, having a functional, effective air conditioner is an absolute must. As with all parts of a home, it is important to properly maintain your ac unit to ensure that no Phoenix roof repairs are needed due to malfunctions.

Once your ac unit is installed, check to make sure the installation team successfully completed the project, and that there are no leaks coming from the unit. This extra step may seem like wasted time, after all, they are the experts, right? However, by double checking their work, you could catch an error and save yourself hundreds or thousands in Phoenix residential roofing repair expenses down the road. To avoid any initial problems, make sure you hire a professional air conditioning contractor to complete the installation, rather than attempt a DIY project yourself. Otherwise you may end up with a roof leak leading to repairs, or worse, an entire Phoenix re-roofing project on your hands.

Is My Air Conditioner Causing Roof Leaks?

How Does an AC Unit Cause Leaks?

Before checking over your air conditioning unit installation, it is important to be aware of why and how an air conditioner could cause a roof leak anyway. Because the heat in Phoenix is so dry and intense, your ac unit can easily build up excess condensation on its exterior. The air passes through the unit to be cooled before being blown into your home, and in the process, condensation is built up. This is normal, but the problem arises when the condensation becomes trapped in the wrong place and has nowhere to go. At this point, it begins to leak out onto your roof and cause damage. Even with typical Phoenix tile roofing, damage can easily occur in the presence of continual moisture.

What If I Find a Leak?

Most Phoenix roofing contractors will tell you that if you notice a small leak, but have thoroughly inspected your roof and see nothing obvious, then it is likely just a condensation leak or aftermath of heavy rain. Often, ac units will suck in a small bit of water from a heavy rainstorm and blow it with the cooled air into your home.

However, if you see water droplets forming on your ceiling or drips steadily falling, you need to immediately call a reliable Phoenix roofing company to come and inspect your home. While you are waiting for them to arrive, you can also climb up on your roof and inspect the ac unit to see if that is the source of the water leak. If the insulation around your ac unit is wet, it is likely rain overflow from outdoors running into the drain pan of the unit and flooding it. The drain pan is only meant to catch small drips here and there from condensation, so it can quickly become too full and overflow. This will cause heavy damage to your Phoenix shingle roofing, as well as inside your home, if left untreated.

If you have damage from a leaky ac unit, or need a roof inspection done to pinpoint the source of a leak, call Arizona Native Roofing right away. For over 15 years, we have specialized in roof repairs and Phoenix new roof installation, and are here to provide professional solutions for all your roofing needs. As a family-owned Phoenix roofing company near you, we proudly offer competitive pricing, quality workmanship, and integrity in our dealings, and greatly look forward to serving you. Give Arizona Native Roofing a call today to assess your damage and to provide a free estimate for repairs!

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