The Miseries of the HOA: Roof Repairs Under Strict Guidelines

There is a wide variety of opinions about whether the benefits of being under an HOA outweigh the negatives. While HOA guidelines offer several amenities you may not otherwise get outside of the community, they also have the right to stipulate many specifics about the exterior of your home. Specifically, rules regarding Phoenix residential roofing and Phoenix roof repair can seem strict and rigid, and you may even be paying an extra fee hoping that your HOA will take the lead in finding a Phoenix roofing company near you when repairs are needed. Unfortunately, they may not actually be the ones in charge of this area.

The Miseries of the HOA_ Roof Repairs Under Strict Guidelines


As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to read the fine print in your HOA contract to find out exactly who is in charge of various home repairs. While it may not be at the forefront of your mind when you initially move into the community, it is important to spend time doing this type of research in your HOA agreement before the need for Phoenix re-roofing or repairs actually occurs.

If you as the homeowner is in charge of any roof repairs, this includes following the projected budget from the HOA for repairs or Scottsdale new roof installation, along with their timeline for getting the project completed. Finding a reputable roofing company in Phoenix to repair your tile roofing can be a lengthy process, especially if you do find someone only to discover have no openings available in the near future. The key is to look for a Phoenix roofing contractor before you actually need one. Once you find a trustworthy company, keep their number handy for when your shingle roofing gets damaged or needs to be inspected.


Sometimes, although not very often, the HOA is responsible for taking the lead on roof repairs. In this case, your home’s liability insurance will be fully covered by your HOA fees, meaning you will likely be paying significantly higher HOA fees in general. However, the tradeoff could be worth it, since you will not need to shoulder any of the responsibility for getting the damage fixed. Your only obligation is to immediately report any damages, leaks, signs of wear, or other issues to the HOA so they can take the next steps.


Once you have determined that you are responsible for repairs, and have a reliable Paradise Valley  roofing contractor available to call, there are still several factors to consider before diving into fixing your roof issue. Typically, HOA agreements stipulate that the homeowner needs to present their project and case to the HOA leaders before beginning the repairs or replacement. Remember that the HOA has the right to determine the color of your roofing material, the style, and various other aspects. If these are things you want to change, it must be cleared with the HOA first.

Sometimes the HOA has guidelines regarding the general appearance of your roof. They may demand that you repair or even replace the roof if it gets damaged, or begins to look out of place in the neighborhood. Their goal is to ensure consistency and an overall positive appearance in the community, so if the committee feels your roof does not meet expectations, you will be asked to take swift action.

Because roof repairs and replacements can be quite expensive, depending on the extent of damages or reason for maintenance, remember that sometimes the HOA will provide an extension. You will need to initiate negotiations for this, so make sure you have compiled all the required paperwork, your roof plan, and necessary proof for needing an extension. An experienced roofing company, such as Arizona Native Roofing, can often provide advice and direction in this area to help you receive the needed extension as well.

Working under HOA guidelines does not have to be stressful! If you need roof maintenance or a new installation done, ask Arizona Native Roofing to help you navigate the strict HOA policies for your community. Our roofing team has plenty of experience and expertise in working through HOA rules, and we can provide a stress-free, smooth, and efficient roofing experience for you. We specialize in high-quality roofing work for both residential and commercial buildings, and are here to provide professional solutions for you. Give us a call today to setup a consultation with one of our experts!

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