Advantages of tile roofing in Arizona

    Tile roofing has many advantages.

  • Tiles Last Longer.
  • Fireproof / Mold proof / bug preventative
  • Sleek southern style
  • Wear Resistance

Tiles as apposed to shingled roofing are warrantied and estimated to last nearly five times as long. Most homes in Arizona Sport tiles that are even over 50 years old though. With the limited weather and natural disasters, you can nearly guarantee that a golf ball sized piece of hail isn’t going to crack your Tiles.

Shingled roofing is flammable once a certain heat is reached, but the temperature is quite high. Tile roofing, is much more flame resistant, and when installed correctly, prevents mold and bugs.

The gorgeous view of professionally installed tile roofing is nearly unable to be matched. As years go by with your shingled roofing, they begin to wear, fade, and deteriorate. Meanwhile Tile roofing holds its elegance and beauty for its lifetime. The only way tiled roofing really gets damaged or destroyed is by cracking or occasionally coming loose and falling.

    A few disadvantages are:

  • Cost
  • Fragile
  • Weight
  • Maintenance.

Tile Roofing Costs quite a bit more to purchase and have installed than regular shingled roofing. Most of this cost is due to the wight of the product, meaning more support is commonly needed, and the fragility of the content. One step off target and you can crack a tile quite quickly, therein making that tile useless.

Though the tiles themselves last nearly a lifetime, the under-laying water proofing material doesn’t. In essence, every 8-12 years it is recommended to have your tiles removed and place down new material. At which point, you can have your tiles re-installed.

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