Crucial Warning Signs That Your Roof Needs Attention NOW

Whether you own a home or a commercial business, chances are high that it has a roof. And, chances are equally high that the roof on that building will eventually need Phoenix roof repair of some kind. While some of these roof repairs may not need immediate attention from a Phoenix roofing company near you, certain ones actually point to a much larger problem and need to be quickly addressed. Are you aware of the warning signs indicating that your roof needs immediate attention? If not, here are a few of the big ones to watch out for on your Phoenix shingle roofing and Phoenix tile roofing.



Leaks can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are glaringly obvious, while others can actually be sneaky and go unnoticed for quite some time. The biggest signs to look for that indicate a roof leak are stains or streaks. These stains can be either on the inside or the outside of the building, and seem to work their way down the wall from the roof or ceiling.

Typically, leaks are first noticed inside the attic while the homeowner is doing a project or searching for something amongst the storage. Anytime you notice one of these stains or streaks, you should personally inspect your roof or call a trusted Phoenix roofing contractor immediately. By the time the stain appears, it means the leak has likely been happening for an extended amount of time and has caused plenty of damage. Additionally, if the leak is severe enough to cause actual water dripping from the ceiling, you should plan on a Phoenix re-roofing project happening in your very near future, as this is indicative of a very serious leak that needs immediate attention.


Poor workmanship essentially always means that your roof will leak, sooner or later. Whether the roof was improperly installed initially, or a poor Phoenix roofing company has done some defective repairs, your roof will not work correctly until it is in good standing. If you are aware of this situation with your roof, find a trustworthy roofing company in Phoenix to assess the damages, provide a quote, and perform the required work on your roof. A professional will have all the right tools and skills necessary to get the job done well.


Poor drainage is an extremely common occurrence, especially on commercial flat roofs or poorly maintained Phoenix residential roofing. While you may not realize that your roof has poor drainage, be sure to periodically check for standing water. This could indicate a whole slew of issues, ranging from gutters needing to be cleaned, to structural damage, or poor installation. While it may be a simple fix, it is never a good idea to leave standing water on your roof for very long, as it will begin to damage the material beneath it. This could ultimately lead to the need for a Phoenix new roof installation.

If you have noticed any leaks, standing water, or bad repairs on your roof, call a trusted roofing company, such as Arizona Native Roofing, immediately. We provide free estimates and are available at all hours to ensure your home is always protected. With over 15 years of experience in all types of roofing materials, Arizona Native Roofing does excellent work for every client, whether you need repairs or a full installation. Call us today to speak with one of our experts about your roof!

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