What Everybody Needs to Know About Surprise Roof Insulation.

What Everybody Needs to Know About Surprise Roof Insulation.

What Everybody Needs to Know About Surprise Roof Insulation.

Here are some benefits of having a properly insulated roof!
Surprise, Arizona

When you live in a hot climate such as the Sonoran Desert having a properly insulated roof is a must have. While the appearance of the air conditioning in the middle of the last century made more bearable to live in hot areas such as Arizona, we have begun to realize that an increasing need of air conditioning is neither the best policy for our environment nor our wallet. A properly insulated roof not only lowers your cooling bill, but is also a great way of reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Roof and attic insulation play a big role in regulating the temperature in your attic and your home. Living in a hot climate means your roof and west walls will take the brunt of the heat emitted by the sun.

A hot outside causes a hot interior; we are all familiar with that concept from having to get in our hot cars after a long day at work. Your house heats up the same way.

One way to reduce heat transmission from the outside into your home is by painting your walls white and employing reflective, white roofing materials such as metal roofs or light colored tiles. The stronger the heat reflection,the less you have to worry about your roofing insulation.

Another recent development is the addition of a vented air cavity immediately below your roof. That way the heat scatters before ever connecting with your roofing or attic insulation.

Your Surprise roofing contractor can explain to you where adding insulation will yield the biggest benefit. Just adding insulation willy-nilly might not do as much for your home’s temperature regulation as you might think. Areas such as the roof and the west wall, which suffer the most from sun exposure should get adequate insulation. Other areas might simply benefit from the addition of a shade tree or a window shutter to keep out the sun-and the heat.

Another great way to save money, is to make your air conditioning system work less. Consider moving your air conditioning ducts in insulated areas of your attic or insulating the ducts themselves. This helps to reduce heat loss and can give your AC a well deserved break.
Insulation saves Surprise homeowners money.
Having one continuous layer of insulation is a fantastic way to cut down on heat transfer. This type of heat transfer is commonly referred to as thermal bridging and occurs, when metal studs for example, are used and hence conduct heat into the building.

We have been getting a lot of requests for spray foam sealing and insulating lately, and for good reason. Even the best Surprise roof insulation is pretty worthless if your doors have cracks through which air can escape and if your windows aren’t sealed properly. SPF which is applied as a liquid, expands when dry and fills every crack and nook perfectly. Spray foam is a sensible and cost efficient way to protect your insulation investment.

Arizona Native Roofing will gladly evaluate the health of your home and roof insulation during your next scheduled roof maintenance check.

To keep your Surprise home cool without paying a fortune to your power company, contact us today to learn more about your options.

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