The Top 3 Mesa Roofing Products and What You Need to Know About Them

Cleaning and maintaining your roof can be a dangerous undertaking. Your roof is very high, and it may be at a steep pitch. You can easily fall from your roof and seriously injure yourself.

The Top 3 Mesa Roofing Products and What You Need to Know About Them

The Top 3 Mesa Roofing Products and What You Need to Know About Them

Learn more about roof products and how to use them on your Mesa roof
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You should always hire a Mesa roofing contractor to perform any work on your roof to protect yourself from these risks. A trained roofing contractor has the experience to work on your roof safely, as well as the right tools to make the work a little easier. A trained professional also knows how to perform the work properly to maintain your warranty and help you avoid costly roof repair later.

However, if you want to perform simple maintenance like cleaning your roof so you can save a little money, you may be able to do so safely provided that you have the right tools. Here are the top three roofing products you will need for your Mesa home:


Of course, the first thing you’ll need to work on your roof is a way to get up there. However, you can’t just use any ladder. You need a ladder that is sturdy and that is long enough to reach your roof — including the second story if you have one.

Get a ladder that can extend to great lengths to reach the roof easily. The ladder should go beyond the lip of the roof so that you have plenty of room to climb up. You should not have to pull yourself from the ladder to the roof. You should also be able to step down from the roof and reach the ladder easily when you are ready to come down.

Always work with a partner when you are climbing a ladder. One person should hold the ladder at the bottom to prevent any movement.

Gutter Cleaning Attachments

You can climb a ladder and clean your gutters by reaching in with a gloved hand and pulling out slop. Or you can add a gutter cleaning attachment to your garden hose or pressure washer to more easily clean your gutters.

Most of these attachments are shaped like a hook that has a bar at the end that runs parallel to the gutters. You put the hook over the edge of the gutters, and the water sprays out either end of the bar, clearing debris out of the gutters.

These attachments make it a little easier and safer to clean your gutters because they don’t require that you climb so high to clear out the debris. If the attachment is long enough, you can even clean your gutters while standing on the ground.

Roof Cleaning Tools

Walking around on a pitched roof top is dangerous — even more so when you add water and soap. Instead of climbing on top of your roof to clean it, you can purchase roof cleaning tools that allow you to extend your reach artificially.

Roof cleaning tools typically have a design that includes some sort of nozzle at the end of a long hose or tube. The water might spray out of one central area, or it might spray out of multiple nozzles mounted on bars. The area is surrounded by wheels to help you guide the tool over the roof while you stand on the ground, on a ladder at the side of the roof, or even at the pitch on top of the roof. You don’t have to walk up and down the roof to reach all sides, and you don’t have to risk losing your footing in soapy water and falling to the ground.

Of course, the best way to ensure that the job is done right and done safely is to hire a qualified Mesa roofing contractor. Arizona Native Roofing provides full roofing services to Mesa and surrounding areas, including new roofing, re-roofing, gutter installation, and roof and gutter cleaning. With regular maintenance like roof and gutter cleaning, you can reduce your risk of needing costly roof repair later. You’ll also extend the life of your roof and protect your home from damages. Call us today to discuss your roofing or maintenance needs.

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