Roof Ventilation For Your Surprise AZ Home

Roof ventilation is an important part of your Surprise Arizona home, but it is one of the least understood. In fact, even building contractors and energy experts disagree on how much ventilation is needed and on why it is important.

Roof Ventilation For Your Surprise AZ Home

Roof Ventilation For Your Surprise AZ Home

Roof ventilation is an important part of your Surprise Arizona home. Learn more about roof ventilation here!
Surprise, Arizona

Working with an experienced Surprise roofing contractor can help you understand the roof ventilation needs of your particular home. However, it is important that you understand how roof ventilation works generally and why it is important.

Different Types of Ventilation

When you look up at your roof, it might seem like it is completely enclosed. Yet if you look closely, you will see a system of ventilation that is included in the overall roof design. For example, there are openings under the eaves of your roof that lead into the attic. On most houses, these eaves are covered by soffits, which are mesh panels that run under the roof overhang. On some houses, these eaves are covered by wooden or vinyl panels, but vents are included at strategic points to allow the flow of air. Other homes might have vented fascia to allow air to enter.

Some other ventilation measures that you might notice around your roof are attic vents, attic fans, or rafter vents on the inside of the attic. Most homes feature numerous ventilation measures on the roof to maximize the flow of air under the roof and through the attic.

How Ventilation Works

During the extreme Surprise summers, you may think you need to do everything possible to keep that hot air out of your home — not increase ventilation to let more of it inside. The same is true during the winter: You likely think it best to keep out the cold air to keep your home warm inside.

In reality, ventilation is necessary to better control the temperature in your home. For example, if your roof is completely sealed, the hot air will build inside the attic during the summer, increasing the humidity and raising the temperature of your home. Ventilation allows the air to move freely, reducing the humidity inside and lowering the overall temperature.

During the winter, allowing cool air inside the attic reduces the risk of ice dams. Without that cool air, the temperature of the attic would rise, causing snow to melt and water to gather in the gutters, where it would freeze and impair the ability of the gutters to move water away from your home. Surprise Arizona may not have to deal with snow, but ventilation is still necessary to maintain the relative temperature stability of the roof to protect the materials.

Why Ventilation is So Important

Proper ventilation can save you a lot of money, both in routine maintenance costs and in potential roof repair. Without proper ventilation, your roof will be put through a lot of extreme temperature changes, which can increase the expansion and contraction of roofing materials and lead to repairs. In many cases, maintaining proper ventilation is actually a requirement of your roof warranty.

The right ventilation can also reduce the load on your heating and cooling unit. Ventilation helps to maintain a more stable temperature in your attic space. Without proper ventilation, your attic can become a heat box that increases the temperature of your home (or an ice box in the winter). By ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated, you can lower your overall heating and cooling costs and can extend the life of your heating and cooling unit.

Arizona Native Roofing can design the right ventilation system for your roof to ensure that your home is protected. An experienced roofing contractor from our team can assess your roof and the current ventilation and offer advice for how to improve the system to protect your roof and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Our recommendations are designed to help you avoid costly roof repair and to save money on your overall home maintenance down the line. Call us today to learn how an Arizona roofing contractor can help you improve the efficiency of your home and create a more comfortable internal environment for your family.

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