The Secret of Picking the Best Color for Your Glendale Roof

You already know the importance of the quality of your roof to protecting your Glendale home. But you may have overlooked the importance of the color of Glendale tile or Glendale shingle roofing you choose to the look of your home. Your roof is much more than functional — even small changes in the material or the shade can have a significant impact on the look of your home, which also impacts curb appeal and the value of your home.

The Secret of Picking the Best Color for Your Roof

Three Tips For Picking the Best Color for Your Glendale Roof

Consider these tips for choosing the best color for your roof, and then decide if it’s time for a makeover with a new roof installation!
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Choose a Color that Matches the Architectural Style

In Glendale, Spanish and Mediterranean style is common, and orange clay tile roofs are popular. The roof color is the perfect complement to this architectural style and to the desert landscape. Something like light blue shingle roofing would not be appropriate for this style, but it could look beautiful on a house designed to look like a rustic French cottage.

If you aren’t sure what colors and materials would work best with the style home you have, consult with a Glendale roofer or a designer for help.

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Consider the Color and Pattern of the Brick or Stone

Brick and stone have their own natural beauty and variety, and they make a bold statement on any home. You don’t want to detract from that look by choosing a roof color or material that clashes with it. If you have a brick or stone front on your home, choose a darker roofing material with no pattern to it, such as black shingle roofing. Roofs in brown, gray or lighter colors will show variation in the light, which can contrast with the brick or stone.


Stick with Dark and Neutral Colors

Brightly colored roofs in blue, green or even red may seem fun, but they can really detract from the beauty of your home if not chosen carefully. Most homes need only dark or neutral colors for their roofs. Black, dark grey, and tan are great choices.

Stick with a material that is as consistent as possible, such as shingle with no pattern or metal roofs. The key is to create a uniform surface. If you have a roofing material that is reflecting light or picking up shadows, you will get a blotchy or patterned look unintentionally.

Take a good look at your roof: Does it create the look you want for you home? If not, it might be time for a new roof installation. Call the professionals at Arizona Native Roofing to pick out the right roofing materials and color to update the look of your home. The right materials can significantly increase the value of your home, and our design professionals can help you make the right selections. We’ll also help you to choose a roof that will give you decades of protection while also improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing its maintenance.

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