Why An Avondale Foam Roof Coat is Actually Worth It!

Why An Avondale Foam Roof Coating is Actually Worth It

Why An Avondale Foam Roof Coat is Actually Worth It

Here are some benefits of having a foam roof coat applied to your home!
Avondale, Arizona

Every roofer will tell you that a strong and healthy roof is a great way of protecting your home or commercial structure. It keeps out rain, wind, pests, heat and cold. With the proper maintenance and annual roof inspections, your Avondale roofer can help to keep your roof in top shape.

A great way to extend the lifespan of your roof -and to save money in the process-is to have a roof coat applied to your roof. A roof coat is a fantastic way to protect your roof from environmental damages while lowering your cooling bill. In Avondale this is considered a win-win.

Ideally, of course, the coat is applied on your new roof installation, but even on an older roof, the proper roof coating can yield great benefits.

Here are some benefits of having a foam roof coat applied to your home:

Money Savings

With advances in roof coating technologies, many roof coats are now Energy Star certified. These coats reflect and deflect the sunlight, resulting in a cooler roof, a cooler building and make your air conditioning system work less. A great roof coat can lower the temperature on your roof and in your home by approximately ten degrees.

Max Roof Lifespan

Foam Roof Coats not only deflect the sun and harmful UV rays, but also protect the roof from water penetration and thus extending the life of your roof. Without water damage and the breakdown caused by the sun, Avondale roof repairs are rarely needed or are minor.

Avoid Premature Roof Replacement

Because your roof is so well protected by the roofing coat, oftentimes, you can skip or delay a complete roof replacement. While it is a great idea to do minor repairs before applying a roof coat, you can extend the life of your roof which otherwise probably would have to be replaced completely. In addition, a roof coat cost much less than a roof replacement would be.

Of course, it is essential to use the right coat for your roof. Ask your Avondale roofing professional about which coat is right for the needs of your roof.


The awesome thing about foam roof coats is that they can be applied to almost any substrate. No matter if you have a shingle, metal, composite roof or any other type of roof-there is a roof coat for it! Any roof type can be protected from the chemical breakdown it experiences by its exposure to the hot Arizona climate and the wet monsoon season.
Benefits of Roof Coats

A Prettier Roof

Which might not necessarily be on top of your priority list when pondering if a roof coat is right for you, but it is a nice side effect. Because the coat protects your roof from water or sun damage, your roof will look nicer and prettier for longer, which is especially great if you just had a new Avondale roof installed.

There are many other benefits of applying (or having your Avondale roofing professional) apply a roof coat to your roof. If you are unsure about which coat is right for you and to assess if prior roof repairs are needed, Arizona Native Roofing can help. Contact us today at 602-348-6559 to learn more about roof coats.

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