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Avondale homeowners and business owners looking for a licensed Avondale Roof Contractor can call Arizona Native Roofing. We offer both residential and commercial roofing services and have several years of experience in roof replacement, roof repair, roof installation and roof maintenance in Avondale and surrounding areas. We are licensed, bonded and insured and are in good standing with the Registrar of Contractors in the State of Arizona. We believe that Avondale residents deserve an honest roofing estimate without the hassle of haggling and sales pitches. Our estimates are fair, honest and our pricing reflects only the best quality materials backed up with our high level of expert workmanship.

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Avondale homes have many different roofing needs. Residential homes most commonly use concrete and clay tiles. In fact, it is the most popular roofing material in Avondale. It is the longest lasting and most stylish. It comes in several different colors and shapes that work for different architectural styles of houses. Asphalt shingles are the second most common roofing material. It is a low cost option that offers incredible durability and easy installation. The number of different shapes, sizes, and colors of shingles can create many different and attractive looks for your home.

Service & Warranties

We provide a warranty on our roof installations and know the work we complete will last for several years. Many of our business comes from referrals from previous customers. We have proven ourselves to be the best roofing contractor in Avondale and nearby cities. We are proud of our work, stand behind our work and know that you will be extremely happy you chose Arizona Native Roofing for your roofing services. View our reviews and testimonials to see what past customers say about our company. We have been in business for almost 20 years and are here to stay in the Valley.

Avondale Roof Installations

Installing a roof in Avondale is tricky and we recommend hiring a licensed professional rather than doing it yourself or using the cheapest company. We want homeowners to be safe. We follow strict safety guidelines and have incredible knowledge on many different factors to keep your home safe for years. Many people do not realize that weight is an major factor and we know which materials will not exceed your home’s weight restrictions. Our installation process is well thought out and we have the experience to understand what works and what doesn’t.  Don’t hire an amateur.

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Did you know that clay and concrete tiles can be re-used and replaced? If you have a home that already has tile roofing, don’t let other roofing companies talk you into buying all new tiles. With our tile re-roofing service, we will carefully remove your tiles and replace new underlayment and flashings. We will recycle the tiles you already have and replace the damaged tiles with new tiles to match. This is one of the huge benefits of having tile roofing as they are the longest lasting roofing material and have been used for hundreds of years.

We would love to come visit you to discuss your roofing inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement needs. Please contact us for a quote. We will provide an estimate to you that will be completely detailed on exactly what you need and not what you don’t need. We never try to sell you with anything that is not necessary. Your satisfaction is our end goal. We can achieve this by offering each and every one of our customers an honest and fair priced estimate and providing them with high quality workmanship and materials backed up with an extended warranty. We guarantee you will be impressed with our level of commitment. Please call us to come out for a thorough roof inspection.

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