Will The Winter Cold Damage My Roof?

Ready for the nice, chilly weather Arizona? Summer is finally gone, and the temperature is decreasing everyday. The leaves are changing and the kids are counting days for the snow. Well, the snow that falls in Flagstaff. In other Arizona cities, like Phoenix, it’s the rain that excites people. Being aware that the majority of Arizona is desert, the rain also brings along dust storms. When rain wants to have more fun, hail will be bouncing off the roof of your house! Next thing you know, the hail creates a hole on the roof of your house and a waterfall appears in your living room. At that moment your are wishing it was summer. Ask yourself, is the roof of your house prepared and stable enough to hold a hail, dusty, windy, rainy day? Arizona Native Roofing provides the best services that will take care of your house as if it is theirs.

will the winter cold damage my roof

The winter weather in Arizona is not as dangerous and horrible as in other states. That does not mean the weather and temperatures can not do any harm to the roof of your house. Think about how your car looks like in the morning in mid December? The exterior of the car is covered in ice! The door handle and steering wheel feels cold. At least, once the car heats up or the sun is high in the sky, the ice melts. In mid December the roof of your house is also covered in ice. If the roof is not properly maintained or is in terrible condition, the ice will melt and leak into the house. Getting a roof inspection before winter, before the monsoon weather, will help prevent damages to your house.

Mostly during the winter, Arizona is thrown off guard when a hail storm comes along. Sometimes it will magically appear during a heavy rainy day. After a hailstorm, every house owner probably has a surprise waiting up on their roof. Missing shingles, loose granules, panels bend and crack tiles are the possible damages that a hail storm can cause to a roof. The damaged roof can be from the house your family lives in, the treehouse of your kids, the shred behind your house or the beautiful deck that took all summer to build. If this does happens after a hailstorm, Arizona Native Roofing has the fast and best service to repair that dismembered roof.

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The chance of a hailstorm is very low in major cities in Arizona. Since most of Arizona is used to the insane heat, during the winter we believe we are freezing. The same experience happens to the roof of your house. Remember the ice that appears on your roof early in the morning in mid December? That ice could cause major effects to your house. Algae, fungus lichens and moss can grow from the ice formation. All of these disgusting infestations make your house look like it’s decaying. Just like taking care of your garden by cover sheets over the plants during cold temperatures, have an expert Phoenix roofer inspect your roof before, during and after winter.

Consult with an expert roofer before the cold weather to prevent your roof turning into a careless garden. Most people believe that dealing with an expensive, complicated issue alone is easier and inexpensive. However, an inexperienced person who has never dealt with a serious issue, like dealing with a roof of a house, can cause more harm. Ice formation can create stains and cracks which leads to leaks. If a roof already has cracks and water gets through them and freezes, it can expand the cracks. The next rainy day, the water will easily flow through the cracks, stain and probably leak through the ceiling. By the end of the winter season, there will be a bubble over your head. That is the evidence that your roof got damaged during the winter. The ice and cold weather weaken the material on your roof and will need an inspection and repairs. Arizona Native Roofing have the well trained experts that can make the necessary roof repairs in Phoenix.

wickenburg roof in the cold winterWinter in Arizona may seem harmless, considering it is mostly desert. Homeowners are mainly concerned with the foundation of the house during the hot brutal summers. Making sure that the heat says outside, and it is nice and cold inside. The maintenance of the roof is the last of their worries. It becomes an issue when there is water leaking into your living room while watching football on a rainy day. Contact Arizona Native Roofing to inspect and make the necessary roof repairs to in order to enjoy the holidays with no worries.

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