The Truth About Roof Leaks

Leaks are never fun to deal with, but more often than not they are not as scary as they may seem. A roofing contractor usually repairs minor leaks quickly and easily. The Scottsdale, Arizona heat can be a nightmare to roofs in the Valley, and with our monsoon storms there can be a lot of added stress trying to understand Scottsdale roof repair and roof leak repair.

Arizona Native Roofing deals with leaks all the time. Big, small, and all of the leaks in between. Some leaks can cause rot to your homes structure, and some can even deteriorate the roof in general, but thankfully with the skilled roofing contractors at Arizona Native Roofing leaks can be repaired within minutes and you can get back to stress-free.

The Truth About Roof Leaks

Minor leaks have the potential to cause major damage.

It is best if you catch even the smallest leak before it becomes a bigger issue. If you notice any water stains that run along your ceiling or down your homes walls, more than likely it is caused by a leaky roof. It is not hard to diagnose a roof leak, it is finding where the leak is coming from that is the problem. The quicker you fix a leak the less likely you are to run in to long term damage such as mold, rotting frames, destroyed sheathing, or damaged insulation and interior walls and ceilings. This can get expensive quick, so the sooner the roof repair happens the better.

How to find the leak site:

Many homeowners will use running water from a hose to try and find the source of the leak. If this doesn’t happen to revel the location of the leak you will need to remove Scottsdale shingle roofing or other roofing material in order to see where it is coming from. This is where Arizona Native Roofing comes in, as removing roof material or shingles can be difficult and dangerous work.

Scottsdale Roof Repair by Arizona Native Roofing

Signs that you have found your leak will be discolored or rotting wood and water stained roofing material. It may look similar to the stains that appear on the ceilings and walls of your home. A Scottsdale roofer will search for the leak uphill of the visible damage, locating the main source of the problem. Much like you would not just add a brick to a deteriorating wall – roofs need to be repaired so that all of the material is structurally sound and this begins with finding the source. Of course, leaks can be caused by penetrations, meaning that large branches, debris or sharp objects can penetrate the roof surface and therefore cause a place for water to get in.

Roof leak facts…

Not always is there a bigger issue at hand when you come across a roof leak. Sometimes we find that areas of perfectly normal shingles have minor fractures in the tile or clay and expand in weather. We suggest having your roof inspected yearly to avoid any such surprises. If you have a home with a chimney, dormers or vent that project through the roof, leaks can start here. Due to normal wear and tear surrounding the protruding objects, water can seep down between structures and become a much bigger issue.

Shingle roof repair tips.

Don’t jump to caulking. Although it may seem simple to reseal the issue with a bead of caulk, this solution won’t last long. A long lasting solution would be to replace the damaged vent and the shingles surrounding it so there is no longer an opening for water to trickle (or pour) down.

Keep in mind that water doesn’t always come in between shingles or through a hole. Sometimes the wind and other weather conditions can push water in sideways, accessing small cracks above windows, in between air conditioning units and the roof or even just under where the roof sits on siding or gutters. Water can penetrate the smallest of cracks, working its way behind the flashing and further into the homes interior. Using a knife or semi sharp object to feel around if these areas are sealed entirely will inform you of if there is an issue and that means you better call Arizona Native Roofing.

Essentially you want to deal with a roof leak, big or small, immediately. We find often that it is not the size of the leak that is the culprit to major damage, but the amount of time homeowners have gone without inspecting their roofs, checking the integrity of the shingles or roofing material or simply just not calling because they had not recognized the problem. Roof leak repair is easy when left to a Scottsdale roofer with years and years of skilled training and experience. Arizona Native Roofers understand what it means to have a fully functioning roof in the middle of summer and how important it is to find, fix and repair a leaky roof.

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