How Do I Stop A Roof Leak in Scottsdale?

Top Ways To Stop Your Scottsdale Roof From LeakingNow that summer is here, so are the monsoon rainstorms. While they might be good for your garden, they won’t be good for your home if you have a hole or other weak spot in your roof. While you are watching the water pouring down outside, you might see it start pouring down inside also.

Many things can cause a roof leak, so it’s important to find the source of the problem as soon as conditions are dryer outside. Get on top of your roof to look for loose shingles or cracks in the underlayment, and get inside your attic to find wet spots or mold to show you where the water is coming in. Then take these steps to stop your roof leak:

Seal the Leak

Loose shingles and holes in the underlayment are common sources of roof leaks. Fortunately, they are often easy to repair, as well. If the problem is a loose shingle, you should decide if the Scottsdale shingle roof needs to be replaced. If it pulls back easily, it needs to go. Remove it and scrape the area clean of any old roofing cement. Then slide a new shingle in place, nail it down, and seal the nail hole and edges with roofing cement. If the shingle can stay, just straighten it out and seal it back in place with roof cement.

If the problem is your underlayment, you will need to repair the area. You should cut out the damaged portion, then nail down a new piece to cover the area. Seal around the edges and the nail holes with roofing cement.

Add a Tarp

Some leaks can be hard to pinpoint, and some people just aren’t that handy. If you are having a hard time repairing the leak, you can simply put a tarp over the area until you can call a roofing contractor Scottsdale to deal with it. You may need a pretty big tarp – especially if you don’t know where the leak is. Just make sure to tie it down so that it doesn’t go flying off in a storm.

Call a Roofing Contractor

Really, all roof repair should be left to the experts. You may think that you have the source of the problem identified, but only an expert can thoroughly evaluate the situation and ensure that the roof is fully repaired. You don’t want to attempt a roof repair yourself only to find out you were wrong when water comes pouring through your roof a few months from now – and causes even more damage.

The professionals at AZ Native Roofing provide expert roof repair in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. If you have a link, give the experienced roofers a call to get the repair you need quickly. You can ensure that your roof is protected against the next downpour, and you can make sure that any underlying issues are addressed, as well. The roofers at AZ Native Roofing are all licensed and bonded, so you can trust in their work.

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