Common Mesa Pests Found In and Around Your Roof

Think about this, we all seek refuge from heat, cold or weather elements, so why wouldn’t common pests? Roof rats, mice, bees, wasps and birds are all thinking the same thing – protection. Unfortunately our roofs serve as the number one spot for these pests to make their homes and without much time become a burden to homeowners. Arizona is especially known for roof rats and mice, birds and bees to make the most of our well kept roofs. Because these animals and pest want to get out of the heat and survive our desert climate all year long, Mesa pest control has to be a priority for every homeowner.

Common Mesa Pests Found In and Around Your Roof

Not only is the idea of having unwanted house guests nerve racking, but the scratching, noise and damage done to homes can cause stress, anxiety and unwanted worry on you and your family. Wreaking havoc on your wires, roofing and anything else they might find – these pests are sure to give you a headache and potentially a large pest control bill. Squirrels and little mice may be cute from 50 feet away, but up close and personal in your home is an entirely different story. Arizona exterminators experience problems with all types of roof pests even including bats and birds. First thing’s first is you’ll want to call your local Arizona pest control company and get the situation handled as quickly as possible.

Mice and rats and bees, oh my.

We find that homeowners are quick to use mouse traps and attempt to rid the problem this way, but there is much more that is needed to end this vicious little cycle of mice chewing, reproducing and inhabiting your roof. Mice can access extremely small holes into the inner parts of your roof, so sealing those off and preventing them from entering again is among the most important steps that an exterminator in Mesa Arizona will take.

Rats are a similar issue, although larger and able to do more damage. Preventing them from accessing the inner parts of your roof and ensuring that you have a properly sealed roof can help cut back on this potential problem and save you stress and hassle in the long run.

Mesa bee removal from your Arizona roofWhether or not you are a fan of honey, the type of bees and wasps that will become a roof pest are not the kind that you will want around. Colonies can be massive, with up to 20,000 bees in just one hive. Making their home out of your roofing material means there may be potential access in the inner workings and structure of your home and can cause more damage than an annoying noise at night.

For bigger pests such as bats or birds, you will want to call your pest control company as the physical removal of pests may be necessary, prior to the preventative measures that will be taken to stop the issue altogether.

What on earth do I do?

Regardless of the type of pest that you suspect in or around your Mesa Arizona roof, checking for signs of damage can help you assess whether you need an exterminator or if the scratching you heard was a one time cat visitor. Some things for you to inspect and look out for include:

    • Animal or insect droppings. For termites this may look like a tube of dirt, but for rats or mice this may be tiny dropping in piles or scattered throughout the roof. Schedule a Chandler termite inspection right away.
    • Signs of tracks. For roof rats this may appear as a clean path through dirt and debris where they are making their way back and forth. Bees and other roof pests may be harder to spot but any debris made from their nests is a tell tale sign of their presence.
    • Odors or stains. Especially with the bigger roof pests you may encounter, smells from urine or feces may develop if the pest has been there for long enough. There is absolutely no reason to wait to call your Arizona exterminator if this is the case on or around your roof.

Mesa Pest Control By The Team At Varsity

  • Holes. Any signs of entry into the inner parts of your roof or inhabitation around your roof (for example with a bee or bird nest) should be handles carefully. Never try to knock one down yourself or use a home remedy to spray the pest, as this can result in injury and it is better left to the professionals that can make sure you and your home are safe.
  • Sightings and sounds. This one is obvious, but perhaps the neighborhood cat took a walk on your roof or a pigeon happened to land there – these are not necessarily grounds for immediate pest control. Any noises such as scratching, gnawing or running or visible sightings of roof pests that persist for more than one day is a better sign that roof pest control should be sought.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Mesa Arizona handles just this – roof pests and their terrible habit of sticking around. Having experience in the Valley and Arizona, it is common that we run into these pests and can guarantee the removal and prevention, but of course, you have to call us first. Of course we ensure the safety and structural integrity of your home and roof through pest control but also offer pest control services for the interior of your home as well, specializing in removing and preventing spiders, crickets, roaches, termites, fire ants and many more of the Mesa Arizona pests that come along with living in our beautiful desert.

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