Average Costs for Roofing Contractor Services

Roofing work is notorious for being one of the most expensive items for your home, whether you need repairs or a whole new roof. The cost is well worth it since your roof performs one of the most important jobs in protecting your home and keeping your energy costs in check, but that may not be much consolation when you are looking at the bill.

Average costs for roofing contractor services

One way to keep your costs under control is to do your research to find out what the average costs are in your area, and then to get several estimates and compare them. Here’s a look at some of the average costs for roofing work in Arizona and around the country:

New Roof Installation

Learn how much it cost for a new roof installation

Getting a new roof is by far the most expensive investment you can make for your roof. The costs vary significantly depending on what type of materials you choose. Shingle roofing in Scottsdale is among the most affordable options, while certain types of tile, such as slate, are among the most expensive. The particulars of your home and the roof will also influence the price. For example, if you have a steep roof or one with many pitches, you will pay more for your new roof.

The national average for a new roof is $6,000. That cost is based on the average roof size of 24 feet by 45 feet. You can expect to pay less if you have a flat roof – about $4,000 to $5,000 – and a lot more if you need to have the roof framed – about $9,000 to $13,000. Wood shake and Scottsdale tile roofing can cost two to three times more than the national average and keep rising from there.

Roof Repair

Hire a roofer for roof repair services

The average cost for roof repair is $714, which is far less than you would pay for re-roofing but is no small change. The low end of roof repair costs was reported at $150, and the high end was reported at $2,500. The cost to repair a leak averages around $650.

Common Scottsadle roof repairs include replacing shingles and tiles that have blown off the roof, curled, come loose, cracked, or degraded. Replacing the flashing is another common repair, as well as re-sealing the flashing and surrounding materials. Other common repairs include fixing problems in the valleys, repairing the gutters or fascia, dealing with ventilation issues, and re-attaching roofing materials.

Scottsdale Roofing Contractor | Arizona Native Roofing

Your roofing contractor will do more than just make the roof repair. The Scottsdale roofer will also inspect the roof to try to determine what caused the problem and to find any other lingering issues.

Roof Maintenance

You should a ways keep up with roof maintenance

You should consider ongoing maintenance to be a necessary expense of home ownership. Proper maintenance can help you preserve the life of your roof and to save you a lot of money on potential repairs. The cost of roof maintenance can be as low as $300 or so for a roof cleaning or as much as $600 or $700 for a thorough roof inspection. If you find yourself scoffing at the prices, compare them to the averages for repairs and new roof installation above. With proper maintenance, you’ll be putting off some off those expenses and saving yourself on others.

Roof work doesn’t come cheap, especially if you hire a reputable roofing contractor. But you shouldn’t cut corners or put off the work because you’ll just end up costing yourself even more money in damage to your roof and the rest of your home. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache and money by just working with a roofing contractor to stay on the recommended maintenance schedule for your property and roof type.

AZ Native Roofing can help. We serve residential and commercial clients in Arizona, including roof maintenance, inspections, repairs, and new roof installations. If you need re-roofing, our contractors will help you understand your options and give you feedback about the best options for your budget and your property. Choosing the right material for your re-roofing will help the roof to last longer and save you more money over time. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection or to talk about your re-roofing options. We’ll give you a reliable estimate for your roof work from an experienced contractor.

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