How Scuppers Can Direct Water From The Roof Away From Your House

How Scuppers Can Direct Water From The Roof Away From Your HouseAny professional and seasoned roofing contractor will recommend proper installation of scuppers for your home. Scuppers are a budget-friendly option for effectively drawing water from your roofing surface and away from your house.

Arizona is a beautiful state to reside however, the environment can be harsh and punishing on your residence. Known for its extreme heat, Arizona’s climate brings monsoon seasons and water deluge as well. Although today’s building materials development ensures withstanding harsh climates, installing an economical scupper helps to prolong the life of your roofing surface and cuts down on added maintenance costs.

Pooling water is one of your homes biggest enemies as it brings with it destructive problems, which can have a devastating chain reaction to the overall structure of your residence. When water has no avenue for proper drainage it can cause nails to pop as well as protective flashing to tear away. Once these conditions occur, problems such as erosion of shingles surfaces contribute to lowering the structures durability and protection against leaks. Water leakage will cause catastrophic damage to your roofing deck and interior as well as the overall underlying structure of the building.

The cost for hiring a roofing contractor to repair the damage can be overwhelming, therefore incorporating an economical scupper drainage system is a smart homeowner investment and secure pro-active step towards preserving the condition of your home.

Originally created for reducing water overflow on ships and boats, the galvanized scuppers design operates in a way that allows water to flow away from a surface without pooling in one area. A ball or flapper design stops the water from re-depositing. Scuppers function as an effective water transit system providing an opening where water flows into a lower opening, effectively drawn to gutters or downspouts where it is deposited a safe distance from the residence.

Homeowners have an assortment of scupper designs available on today’s current building material market. Although forms of metal are the material commonly used, scuppers are now available in many highly durable plastics, polymers and fiberglass as well. A licensed Phoenix Arizona roofing contractor can work with you to determine the best selection for your homes requirements. The variety of scuppers includes designs aesthetically and structurally suited for your particular structure.

Scuppers provide an excellent long-term structural investment while preserving the quality and durability of your homes surface. Making this small investment now will save you from a costly repair bill in the future.

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