Locating Your Roof Leak By Checking These Common Areas

There is no doubt that roof leaks are a big issue, whether on Phoenix residential roofing or a commercial building. It is important to immediately address a roof leak, big or small, to prevent it from spiraling into a much bigger concern. While some leaks are extremely obvious and the source can be easily pinpointed, other leaks are not so apparent. When you know there is a leak but are unsure where it is coming from, consider checking the following common areas recommended by expert Phoenix roofing contractors to determine where it is originating.

Locating common roof leak areas in your house

     1. Look for Any Damaged Areas

Roof leaks are commonly caused by damaged shingles or tiles on the roof. Even the smallest hairline crack on Glendale shingle roofing can allow moisture to seep inside, cause damage, and eventually become a massive problem. You will want to look for any shingles that are buckled, corroded, cracked, or completely missing. Tiles that are cracked or broken are a sure sign that a leak is occurring. 

It is important to trim any low-lying tree branches that may be rubbing on your roof, as these can easily cause material damage and encourage leaks to occur. 

     2. Check the Flashing

Flashing is a thin layer of waterproof material that keeps moisture from getting into places it does not belong by redirecting the flow of water around roof openings. It is more effective than caulk and has a longer lifespan as well. Flashing is typically installed by roofing companies in Glendale around chimneys, skylights, vents, and valleys where different areas of the roof join together during Phoenix new roof installation projects.

However, if that flashing becomes damaged, loses its seal, or is improperly installed, it will not keep water out of your home or business. When inspecting your Glendale tile roofing or shingle roof for the cause of a water leak, look for flashing that is damaged, ripped, or missing altogether. 

      3. Inspect Roof Features

If you have any skylights, chimneys, vents, or other features on your roof, they should be one of the first places you check for a leak. While they are functional and add visual appeal to a home, skylights and chimneys are hotspots for water leaks and damages. 

If the Phoenix roofing company near you did not correctly install these features and the flashing around them initially, moisture will easily begin to penetrate the material and leak into your home or business. If this unfortunate circumstance describes your roof, it is critical to address the issue immediately and hire a professional  Phoenix roof repair  team to fix the damages. 

Hire an Expert

If you have concerns about a leaky roof and need professional help for a Phoenix re-roofing project, contact Arizona Native Roofing for a free repair estimate. We are licensed and insured, offer affordable prices for professional roofing solutions, and are available 24/7 to address critical leaks as quickly as possible. Proudly serving the Phoenix area for over 15 years, Arizona Native Roofing specializes in all types of roofing solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Contact us today to discuss your roofing questions and concerns!

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