How to Repair a Phoenix Roof with Solar Panels on It

Learn more how to repair your Phoenix Solar Panel Roof!

How to Repair a Phoenix Solar Panel Roof
Find out how to Repair your Solar Roof in Phoenix Arizona in this blog by Arizona Native Roofing.
Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is an excellent place to take advantage of solar power. The sun burns bright in the summer, and sunny conditions persist longer throughout the year than in many other places.

Installing solar panels can help you conserve energy to reduce your environmental impact and save on utility costs. The panels are installed directly on the roof, which requires the expertise of a trained roofing contractor to ensure the health of the roof.

Even with proper installation of the solar panels, the roof will still age as usual and will eventually require repair. It is important to understand how a Phoenix roof with solar panels on it must be repaired so that you can choose the right PHX roofing contractor.

Removal of the Solar Panels

The only way to repair a roof in Phoenix that has solar panels on it is to remove the solar panels. This can be quite a tedious and expensive process. The panels must be removed then the roof repaired. After all the work is completed, the solar panels must be reinstalled, just as they were originally. It is essential that you find the right roofing contractor to do the work properly, as well as quickly.

Proactive Measures

Instead of waiting until your roof needs repair, you can take proactive measures and reduce the potential disruption you would experience. When you make the decision to have solar panels installed, you can have your whole roof replaced, or you can replace only the part of the roof that will lie below your panels.

If the roof replacement is performed properly and backed by the right warranty, the roof will last as long as the solar panels, which can be up to 25 years. Taking this proactive step and performing all the recommended maintenance over the years can theoretically negate any need for roof repair over the years.

Whatever decision you make, it is important that you hire the right roofing company in Phoenix to do the work. Arizona Native Roofing employs a team of licensed and experienced roofers who have been working in the industry for at least a decade each. Our roofers can help repair your roof below the panels. We can also help you take the proactive step of replacing all or part of your roof just before your solar panels are installed. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and workmanship to ensure that your roof gives you the performance you need for decades to come.

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