Hand Made Tiles from Roofs to Floors

Many Phoenix residents have tired of common decorating techniques and are seeking something to make their home or business stand out. Handmade tiles can do just that. Whether you choose ceramic tile, stone, marble, slate, or clay tile, handmade tiles will add an element of distinction, since no two tiles are exactly alike.

Although they bear no resemblance to one another, Mexican tile, ceramic tile, roof tiles and brick all start with the same basic ingredient; clay. Bricks are made from a mixture of clay and water. They are molded into the desired shape and size, and then dried and hardened, either by being left to dry naturally in the shade, or by firing in a kiln.

How To Clean Your Hand Made Tile Floors in Phoenix

Handmade roofing tiles, made from clay are available in a wide array of shapes and colors. Clay roof tiles are fired and glazed at a high temperature to achieve the color and texture that will distinguish your home or business from the others. Along with the more familiar half round design clay tiles are available in over lapping flat shapes and even Buddhist temple roof tiles that are made in a flat, almost triangular shape. Both handmade floor tiles and handmade roof tiles all vary slightly from one another giving your structure character.

Handmade roof tiles can also be made from slate, copper and galvanized tin. Metal tiles are hand cut from sheets of copper or galvanized metal. Both metal roof tiles and clay roof tiles typically have a lifespan of over 50.

The most durable handmade roof tiles are slate. Slate roof tiles typically have a lifespan of well over 100 years. In Europe you can find slate roofs that are 400 years old and still in good condition.

Hand made roof tiles develop a distinctive texture and patina that will give any roof a distinctly rich appearance. Here in Phoenix, tile roofs go especially well with the characteristic southwest décor.

Saltillo floor tiles, also popular here, are made from natural clay. True Saltillo tile is hand made and then fired at a low temperature. The tiles will vary in color depending on where the tile was placed among the other tiles when they were fired.

Handmade ceramic tiles also begin with clay, but the finished product looks very different. First the block of clay is rolled to about ¼ inch thickness. It is then cut into pieces and carefully laid out to dry for several days. Next the tiles are cleaned, dried and then placed into the kiln where they are fired at 2000 degrees. After the kiln has cooled, the tiles are removed and cleaned again to make ready for glazing. They are then glazed using one of several different methods and once again fired in the kiln. The glaze melts during the firing, turning into a glass like finish. Some techniques require repeated glazing and firing.

Handmade floor tile adds individuality to any room. Each tile will be somewhat different in thickness, color, shape and finish. It’s that individuality that is highly valued in both home and commercial decorating.

The possibilities are endless when you embellish your floors with ceramic tiles to create custom designs and murals. You can even use a mural to personalize your floor by having an artist create something meaningful to you, such as a fishing scene or a likeness of your pet.

Stone is another unique decorating material. Stones such as marble and slate can be highly polished to an elegant sheen or rough hewn for a more rustic look. Stone can also be hand cut into mosaic tiles and arranged in breath taking designs.

Handmade tile is more costly to purchase, but it may be just the unique touch you’re seeking for your home or business.

Desert Tile and Grout Care offers a variety of Phoenix floor cleaning services to keep all types of stone, brick, and ceramic tile looking its best. They can deep clean away stains, restore, and rejuvenate your roof, floors, walls, counters, and sidewalks. Additionally Desert Tile and Grout Care can colorize your Mexican tile, stone, and grout leaving it completely sealed and impervious to moisture and stains, helping you protect your investment.

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