Testing Your Roof Repair For Leaks Before Calling
An Arizona Roofing Specialist

Do not waste time if you suspect a leak. Ignoring your roofing problem will not make it go away. Untreated leaks can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. When the water reaches support beams, the damage may rot the wood below, mold could spread, and your ceiling stability may be compromised. So you may be asking if you need to call a roofing contractor to test for a leak. There are a few ways you can determine on your own if you need to call in a professional.

water leaks arizona roofingStarting from inside the home going from room to room, visually inspect the ceiling for discoloration spots. Take note which areas of the home are showing water spots. Be mindful that water does not always follow a straight path. The source of the leak may not be directly on top of where the spot first appears. Keep in mind where the plumbing may run through the room. If the leak is found near a restroom or kitchen for example, the issue may be a leaky pipe and therefore, not requiring the help from a Scottsdale roofing company.

Ask a friend to help inspect the outside of the home as well. Secure a ladder safely to the outside and spray water onto the roof to simulate rain. Do not attempt to walk on the roof if there is water or snow or if you have reason to believe the roof is not able to support the body weight of an adult. If you see any evidence of Phoenix AZ roof repair beyond your mechanical skills or an obvious structural issue, immediately call a roofing contractor. Visually inspect the roof for pooling water, signs of discoloration, or upraised shingles. Discoloration may signify rotting or spots were previous repairs were made.

Have another friend stand in the room you are testing to keep an eye on any leaks showing. Use 2 way radios or cell phones to coordinate which rooms are being tested on the top floor or attic. Carry a flashlight to for water leaks in closets or other poorly lit areas where water spots may go unnoticed.

Be honest when accessing your skills when it comes to home repair. If you have little to no experience, contact a roofing company such as Arizona Native Roofing. An improper roof repair can snowball into more problems than the initial leak would have caused.

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