5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners When In the Market for a New Roof

When you’re car shopping, and you know what you want, you find the cheapest price a dealer will offer. When you’re shopping for car insurance, you go with the best price for the coverage you need. However, cheaper is NOT always better. The roof on your Arizona home is no exception to this sentiment.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cut Corners When In the Market for a New Roof

Shopping around for the best deal means both price and quality need to be considered. A roof is a big investment, and for good reason, and you want to make sure that you don’t accept a roofing contractor that will cut corners on a new roof installation. Your home is likely your biggest financial investment, and the roof is one of the most important components of any home. Make that investment worthwhile for the long run. Cheaply done roofing comes with its own laundry list of problems, and often big expenses. Here are a few reasons why cheaper is not better when choosing a roofing contractor near Peoria.

Low Quality Materials

Cheap roofing companies are often more concerned with profit than the quality they produce. That being the case, to save on cost on the front end, cheap roofers will seek out the cheapest materials they can so that they maximize their profit margins. Cheap materials can save money in the short term, but they often don’t offer the long term quality and longevity of materials that cost a bit more. This is a case where you will get what you pay for.

Incomplete Work

When an estimator lowballs the bid, they may find somewhere in the midst of the roof installation that they cannot complete the project within the financial parameters they set. This can mean that the roofers may offer an incomplete roof, an alteration from what you were promised, or even a hefty bill of back charges for the potential problems the estimator may not have disclosed up front.

Cutting Corners

A quality Peoria roofing company will take the time to make sure that they’re not just meeting the standard, but surpassing it. They want to make sure that their work withstands the test of time, and of nature. Cheap roofing companies will check the boxes, and make sure they can slip by on the inspections, and in doing so, can compromise the integrity and safety of your roof. This can not only pose a financial risk down the road, but can endanger your home and your family.

Always Needing Repairs

There are times when you can just get a portion of your roof repaired, but there are also times when a new roof installation is unavoidable. Discount roofers may offer the ability to simply repair a small portion of your roof to save you some money, when in fact your roof needs a complete re-roofing. Yes, the bill will be smaller now, but patching the roof back together can really compromise the integrity of your roof in the long run. Band-Aid fixes, especially on an older, more fragile roof, can lead to a constant need for repairs. And if the repair itself is done cheaply and poorly, it can cause a domino effect of problems, leading to a new roof installation anyways, and costing thousands in unnecessary repairs in the meantime.

Less Than Qualified

Cheaper roofing estimates by discount roofing companies may also offer roofers that have minimal skills. Roofing is a skill that requires experience and knowledge. Discount roofing companies can lean towards hiring those with less experience, thus a lesser rate of pay being required. The roofer that comes to do the work on your Arizona home may carry only the bare minimum certification and experience roofing.

It is important to not only make sure that the materials being used are of quality, but that the Peoria roofers doing the work also carry the necessary credentials. There is also more to roofing than just the roofing part. There are ethical standards, insurance procedures, and knowledge of and adherence to building codes to consider. You want your roofing contractor to not only use the best materials, but use the best practices as well.

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Lacking Customer Service

When you’re making a huge investment, especially when it comes to your home, you want a guarantee that what you’ve purchased is going to do its job for a long time to come. If you’ve gotten a low bid on a roof, and the guarantee isn’t there, or the warranty falls short, it should signal that this company may not be the right place to invest your money. A business should be more than willing to warranty their work, knowing that their work will hold up to the standard they set.

If you have questions about your new roof, you should be able to get in touch with the company very easily. The company should be ready and willing to speak with you, and answer any questions you may have at any point of the process. They should be ready to discuss any concerns you may have about any aspect of the roofing process. If you find that the discount roofers are hard to get a hold of before the process, or even during, that could spell trouble if you have any issues after the installation is complete.

Bottom Line

You work hard to earn the money you’re investing in your home, and your family expects that their home is safe and secure in all aspects. You want to invest your money in a business that takes these things seriously, and whose concern with the safety of your home matches your own. At Arizona Native Roofing, we take the quality of our work, and of our workers, seriously. We know that when we install a new roof, or make any repairs on existing roofs, the work, the materials, and the guarantee is above and beyond expectations. We hope that you will call us to set up an appointment and let us show you why you should trust us with the safety and security of your roof.


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