Estimating Your Roof Repair Like A Peoria Roofing Contractor

Estimating Your Roof RepairHomeowners in Peoria Arizona may experience several common roofing problems, due in part to the extreme weather that the state experiences on a regular basis. For example, wind and hail can puncture roofing material, creating holes in the roof that allows moisture to enter. In addition, leaks can occur because of bad installation, cracked or broken roofing material or loose seals. Poorly installed roofing or faulty repairs can also allow moisture to enter around joints,skylights, vents, chimneys and/or HVAC units. If the HVAC unit is not draining properly or debris is collecting on the roof, water can pool and cause damage to the roofing material.

When there is visible damage to the roof or the roof is leaking, contact a Peoria Arizona roofing contractor to obtain an estimate for roof repair. For those homeowners who desire to get an idea of how much the Peoria Arizona roof repair may cost can try to perform a preliminary estimate before the roofing contractor comes to visit or as part of an annual home repair budget.

Start by using a ladder to access and inspect the roof. (Note that an adult should only perform this task.) Look for signs of damage, holes, debris or leaks on the roof.

Here are some general roof repair costs in Arizona:

  • Shingle squares generally cost between $80 – $100 each, with at least 15 or more shingles necessary
  • Roofing and galvanized nails cost around $60
  • Roofing cement costs about $25 per gallon
  • Labor runs around $3 to $5 per square foot
  • General cost for flat, single ply or foam roof is approximately $2,000
  • Wooden shingles for about 10 feet by 10 feet is anywhere between $200 to $1,000
  • Replacing a few wooden shingles is usually about $130-$175
  • New flashing around a skylight or chimney is approximately $300-$500
  • Valley flashing on areas of a roof that slopes down to drain off water is about $15-$25 per each linear foot

Keep in mind that anything other than replacement of one or two shingles requires a professional roofing contractor to ensure professional work and to prevent further damage or leaking from the roof. Repairing a roof is serious business and should be treated as such.

In addition, please note that the above prices are only an approximation for repair costs in Arizona. Requesting a quote from several professional contractors is advisable, as is checking business references. While a deposit on the job is normal, never pay a contractor the full fee before the work is completed to satisfaction.

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