Common Causes of Holiday Decorating Roof Damage

Your roof is a very vulnerable portion of your home. During the holiday season’s its especially vulnerable if you’re big into Holiday decorating or live in an area that has severe winter weather. Strong snow storms can really weather a roof’s structure. Walking across your roof is enough to cause minor damage to shingles, so you can only imagine what hanging holiday decorations can potential do. In this article I will address the main causes of roof damage that occurs when improperly hanging Christmas lights.

Hanging Christmas Lights from Shingles – Not the “Brightest” Idea.

Common Causes of Holiday Decorating Roof DamageImproperly hanging Christmas lights from your shingles can cause serious damage to your roof’s shingles. Stapling lights into your shingles is the worst idea any holiday decorator can do and should be avoided at all cost.

The proper way to hang Christmas lights should be from your gutter. You can do this by using gutter clips, specifically designed for Christmas lights. These clips can be purchased at practically any hardware store.

“Wrapping Up” the Holiday Season

Let’s face it, at the beginning of the New Year your exhausted from all the hustle and bustle that comes with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. A lot of people tend to get lazy when disassembling their Christmas decorations. The most common mistake people make (which can cost them a lot of gutter & roof repairs) is stripping their Christmas lights off their roof by pulling the light’s cord. This is a quick method of removal but is not the proper way to remove Christmas lights without causing damage to your gutter. Even worse, if your Christmas lights are clipped to your shingles (not recommended, as mentioned above) you can cause a lot of damage to the shingles on the edge of your roof. The correct way to remove Christmas lights is to remove each plastic light clip one-by-one. This obviously takes some time and patients but it’s worth not having to replace expensive gutters.

Professional Advice from a Roofing Contractor

To conclude this article, as a professional roofing contractor I would advise anyone who does have the extra cash around the holiday to hire a Christmas Light Installer to properly install their Holiday decorations. If you do not have the time to properly decorate your home for the holidays, hiring an expert could potential save you a lot of money and head ache.

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