How to Create a Perfect Arizona Roofing Crew

How to Create a Perfect Arizona Roofing Crew with a guest blog by A Direct Effect
Roofing can be a dangerous job. You are working atop a structure that could be several stories high, but even a one-story home can be tall enough to cause you serious injury if you fall. The extreme Arizona heat can also be even more unbearable when you are on top a roof that has been baking in the sun all day and you don’t have any shade. Good teamwork amongst your crew is an absolute must if you want to keep everyone safe.

Here are a few things you can do to create the perfect Arizona working crew to ensure efficient and safe operations:

Hire the Right People

Any team is only as strong as its people. Good teamwork starts with hiring the right people. That doesn’t mean hiring people who are all alike. However, you should hire people who have the ability to work well with others. You can learn this about a candidate by calling references and asking about past work history.

Establish Standards and Values

When a team has a common mission to work toward, they can focus their efforts and their communication. Create a clear mission for your team and establish clear standards. Convey them in orientation and regularly through meetings and on-site communications. For example, if your mission is to perform quality but timely work, you should create a set of standards for what “quality” means. If safety is one of your top values, you should create a set of rules that your team should follow to ensure safety for all.

Be as specific as possible when creating your standards, and community them regularly.

Invest in Corporate Team Building

Team building exercises can help you get your team on the same page and teach them how to work together better. Corporate team building in Arizona focuses on improving communication among team members and helping them identify their strengths and play to them. Team building also helps instill a shared sense of purpose amongst team members, helping to rally them around a common goal and values. By the time your team is finished with the training, it will be working together harmoniously and efficiently, improving the quality of their work and their overall safety record.

A Direct Effect

A Direct Effect leads corporate team building exercises throughout Arizona. We help businesses of all types, both large and small, to strengthen their teams so that they help the business meet its goals. We can come to your site and lead exercises that have been custom-designed for your team, or you can schedule a retreat with us. By the end of the exercises, your team will feel more bonded, will be more committed to your company’s vision, and will be able to communicate and work together more efficiently.

Guest Blog By: A Direct Effect Team Building

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