Preventive Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips To Sustain Your Facility

An Easy Guide To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Roof

As every car owner knows, maintaining a vehicle with regular oil changes, fluid refills, and other simple repairs is necessary to prevent major problems and unnecessary expense in the future. The same is true for your commercial roof. Business owners who invest in simple and regular roof maintenance will significantly extend the lifespan of their building’s roof and avoid catastrophic problems, such as roof collapses. The easiest way to sustain your facility and maintain your roof is to work with a Phoenix roofing contractor to develop a maintenance plan that is unique to your commercial building and its individual needs.

An Easy Guide To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Building's Roof In Chandler, AZ

Roof Inspections & Assessments

Whether you own one property or many, the first step in your commercial roof maintenance plan is an inspection from a Phoenix roofing company. During this process, your roofing contractor will get up on the roof of your building to collect information and assess its condition. Sometimes, the roofing contractor will take photographs of specific areas so that you can better understand some of your roof’s needs.

Your Glendale roofing contractor will help you determine whether your roof is repairable or whether it needs replacement. They will also work with your budget to make a plan for an initial cost estimate on the project and provide a workable solution for any needs your roof may have.

A Maintenance Plan Can Prevent Any Roof Damage

Ideally, the assessment from your Phoenix roofing company brings the good news that your building’s roof is in a good condition. If not, you’ll have the opportunity to repair or replace the roof before any damage becomes disruptive to your business. Many commercial roofs need only minor repairs or basic maintenance. For example, perhaps just a few shingles need repair or some flashing needs to be replaced, and your roof will continue to serve you well for many years.
After a contractor has completed any necessary Phoenix roof repair, you can shift into maintenance mode. Your Avondale roofing contractor can help you develop a maintenance plan for your commercial roof so that you can avoid unneeded replacements and major repairs. Here are some tips for basic roof maintenance that apply to almost every commercial building:

Tip #1: Check The Shingles Or Tiles

You’ll want to periodically inspect your roof for any damaged or missing shingles. Clean the shingles and keep them free of dirt to reduce algae, moss, fungus, and other growths that are not only unsightly, but compromise the integrity of your commercial roof. If you notice any worn, damaged, or missing shingles or tiles, act quickly to replace them, or call your Phoenix roofing contractor for help. Shingle damage is a common part of roof wear, especially after storms, and shingles are both simple and inexpensive to replace.

Tip #2: Replace Sealant

Check out the areas where roof sealant has been applied, and make sure there are no signs of cracking or peeling. If you see anything wrong, ask your Scottsdale roof repair company for guidance. You’ll need to completely remove the old sealant and apply a new sealant wherever it is worn.

Tip #3: Trim Overhanging Tree Branches That Are Growing Above Your Roof

As any Chandler roofing contractor will tell you, it’s imperative to be on the lookout for tree branches growing near your building. If there are any branches that hang closely to your building or directly above your roof, you’ll need to get them trimmed. This is because leaves will collect on your roof and retain moisture, which will weaken your roof’s tiles or shingles. Over time, retained moisture like this can weaken the entire roofing structure and promote water damage in your commercial building. You’ll also want to avoid the risk of branches or trees falling onto your building.

Tip #4: Clean The Gutters

It may seem surprising, but clogged gutters can actually cause a lot of damage to the roof of your commercial building. This happens when water accumulates on and around gutters that are full of clogs. When it gets stuck in the gutter areas instead of flowing away, water can easily make its way underneath your shingles and roofing structure. Regularly check your gutters and keep them clean so they can work as designed and move water away from your building. This will promote good roof health and also protect the foundation of your building from water damage.

Hire An Expert Commercial Roofing Contractor In Chandler, AZ

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