Things To Consider When Hiring A Phoenix Roofer

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Here in Arizona, I started roofing in 1991. So, I have 20+ years of roofing experience. I’m a second generation roofer here in the valley. And based on that, I can use my years of experience to determine what the roof problem is and what we need to do to correct the issue.

When hiring a roofer in Phoenix Arizona you want to find somebody that’s a local person, who has been here for a number of years, not somebody from out of state. Check with the Better Business Bureau, the registrar of contractors and make sure all their stuff is valid in turn as far as their ROC number, their insurance, their bond. And you’ll check on the internet to see if there’s any complaints against that person. And some people are licensed with the residential and commercial, you want to check both licenses and see if they have complaints ’cause they might be using one license and under their other license, they don’t have any. So, you should do a background check on whoever you’re using for the roof work and check on the internet.

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