Santa’s Ultimate Roof Landing Checklist

“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, Santa Claus is coming to town.” Christmas is just around the corner! In Arizona, that means no more heat! A white Christmas in Flagstaff, hopefully. In Phoenix, the chilly, cold weather will be appreciated. The children are behaving and making a list of their own. “Dear Santa, I want a cellphone, a bicycle, barbie, computer, car, playstation, camera,” and the list goes on, depending on the age.

santas ultimate roof landing checklist

Homeowners, have you made your list. And we are not talking about your bucket list, but a list of Santa’s ultimate roof landing. What is a list? Worrying about the roof during the holidays, why? Well, there is an activity that families look forward to during the holidays and that is putting Christmas lights up. Putting Christmas lights up requires a ladder and walking on the roof of your house. Once you up there, you’ll notice the quality and maintenance of your roof. Is it nice? Or is there a garden growing? If it’s looking like a garden, now you have a list to check off. If the roof of your house needs repairs, taking care of that issue is essential before Santa lands on it.

When Christmas is around the corner in Arizona, the people are waving goodbye to the heat and welcoming the cold. The cold also brings it’s friends, the rain, hail, and snow. These three types of precipitation could do major damages to your roof, if it’s in poor condition. Before taking out the Christmas lights, have a Scottsdale roofer inspect the roof of your house. Checking that there aren’t any cracks, which could lead to leaks, which could damage the ceilings of the house. Making sure that the tiles, asphalt, metal steam, tiles, aluminum, shingles and membrane are in good conditions. Santa’s sleigh is extremely heavy, and if the roof material in any form damage, those can go flying off. Santa, himself, can literally drop into your living room if the roof is weak. That can wake the kids up, and Santa likes to have his cookies and milk alone.

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Having an inadequate roof, the rain, hail, and cold weather could corrupt it even more. In Arizona during the winters, you wake up in the morning and notice ice on the roof of your house. Ice formation can cause algae, fungus lichens and moss growing on the roof of your house. It’s even more of a possibility when there is debri laying there. Imagine, climbing onto your roof ready to put up Christmas lights and notice a garden instead. That’s how all the dedri, moss, and vegetation makes your roof look like, an abandoned, ugly garden. If that garden didn’t do any serious damages to your roof, the roofer might just recommended removing the debris and vegetation, with possibility a minor roof repair in Scottsdale. Before taking that kids outside to put Christmas lights up, consider researching how to clean the roof by yourself or having a roofer do it. We recommend to have a roofer inspect it, guide you through the procedures, and then consider if you should do it yourself or have a professional expert to do it. Santa doesn’t like gardens at all, he lands on your roof for a reason.

If you were smart, and had your roof inspected before the holidays, your list to check off in very short if it’s in adequate condition. That list being,

  1. 1. Trimming back trees from the roof surface. This will prevent debris landing on your roof on windy days. Plus, branches are less likely to land and slit your roof in half during heavy, rainy and windy weather.
  2. 2. Clean out the gutters. Having built up debri in your gutters blocks water from running off your roof. It’s important to have those gutters clean and debri free, the water won’t settle on your roof and cause disturbance on your roof.
  3. 3. If necessary, reinstall poor quality materials with weatherproof properties. Hopefully, this won’t be necessary if the material is still in suitable condition.


santa jumping from a roof to another in scottsdaleOnce checking off the list and checking it twice, will make Santa’s ultimate roof landing a success. After adding Christmas lights around your roof, it’s going to make your home look amazing. We want Santa to spot our house and say that our home’s roof and decorations are on point! If the roof inspector informs you that the roof will need repairs after the holidays, as long as it’s holds the cold weather, asking for the finest roofing materials for Christmas is a good idea. Arizona Native Roofing has the best service and would be glad repair your home’s roof, but we want you to have a lovely Christmas under your roof without any worries. Contact us today!

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