What to expect while your Cave Creek roofing crew is here!

So, it has finally happened, your roof is leaking, damaged and needs to be repaired or even replaced. You finally settled on a professional Cave Creek roofing contractor to do the work, but wonder: Now what? How can I make life for the roofing crew, as well as myself, easier?

Having your roof repaired or replaced can be inconvenient, even annoying at times, but if you follow these pointers, the job will get done faster, smoother and more efficiently.

What to expect while your Cave Creek roofing crew is here!

What to expect while your Cave Creek roofing crew is here!
Having your roof repaired or replaced can be inconvenient but if you follow these pointers, the job will get done faster, smoother and more efficiently!
Cave Creek, Arizona

Roofing work can cause vibrations of walls, and ceilings. Removing light fixtures and paintings or pictures will prevent damage to those items. The same holds true for items located on the outside. Barbeques, patio furniture, rugs, tv and pool side furniture should be stored in a safe place in order to protect the items from damage and to make maneuvering for your Cave Creek roofing crew easier.

In order to make the roofers’ access to your home and roof easier, consider moving your vehicles out of the driveway. This will allow for easier deliveries of materials and equipment.

In terms of materials, you should check the roofing tile or shingles that arrive at your home for color and other specifics so that we can correct any issues immediately.

It is essential for you to remember that we are here to work and that this is a construction site. In order for us to perform quality work in a timely manner, we will need room to move and access to essential areas. Do not let your children or dogs run around outside while the roofing crew is present. Kids and pets could get hurt by falling equipment and material, and workers can trip over little ones and get injures as well.

Ensure that we have access to all essential areas. Unlock gates during working hours so that we can easily get in and out and won’t have to bother you throughout the day.

Your AZ roofing team will not require to use any of your tools, we bring our own, what we do need is electrical outlets on the outside that are in working order. This can also be accomplished by running an extension cord to the outside.

And yes, we are noisy. Power tools humming, hammering, workers yelling, materials dropping to the ground and more. It is part of what we do. If you are sensitive to noise or maybe are even working from home, you should consider relocating for a few days until we are done.

If you have any concerns about your roof-install or repair in Cave Creek, talk to us in order to prevent frustration or misunderstanding on either side.

After we are done, and yes, we get that it felt like it took forever, we will do our very best to clean up the mess we made, to hunt down errand nails and other items. But we may overlook something, so you might want to wear shoes for a few weeks just to make sure, there is nothing hiding in your lawn and brushes.

Your roofing contractor wants to be sure that nothing was damaged in the process of the roofing project, we can check roofing vents, attics and furnaces or air conditioners to ensure nothing moved, got dislodged or broken.

Another helpful tip, especially for roofing projects in Arizona is to change your air conditioning filter after we are done, and the dust has settled. Roofing is a dusty business and we want you to breathe easy.

We are excited you chose Arizona Native Roofing for your roofing project. We can assist homeowners in the greater Phoenix Metro area with all their roofing needs. For more information, and estimate or a consult call us at 602-348-6559.

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