The Different Types and Colors Available For Shingle Roofing

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Phoenix, Arizona is a place of comfort, enjoyment, and casual relaxation. People choose to retire in this beautiful area due to the pleasant weather, ample fun activities like hiking and sports, and the welcoming environment this destination has to offer. With custom homes being popular among those who live here, people often choose to make their homes more unique by choosing to work with different types of colors and styles of shingles.

Different Types of Shingles

Shingles come in a variety of mediums to suit the taste and preference of the homeowner. People can choose among wooden, asphalt, fiberglass, slate, and clay shingles to make their home look trendy and secure at the same time. Each style has their own benefits which should be weighed out by the homeowner as they begin their shingle selection. Slate is known for being a long-lasting shingle medium, whereas fiberglass is lightweight in design and doesn’t require a strong support system underneath (unlike clay, which is heavier). However, wooden shingles offer their own charm, and asphalt shingles are popular due to their low cost.

Phoenix Shingle Roofing Has A Variety of Styles To Choose FromBefore a shingle style is chosen, the homeowner should check each available medium to see what would work best for them. After all, wooden shingles tend to fall victim to rain and weather, and slate shingles can be quite expensive. Clay shingles are heavy although they can come in greater shapes than other shingles, and asphalt shingles don’t last and deteriorate quicker than other styles. Fiberglass is lightweight and resistant to fire and other weather conditions, but may limit a homeowner as far as color options. These things should be weighed prior to choosing a type of medium for shingle roofing.

Different Colors of Shingles

The fun part about custom shingles is choosing a color to match the homeowner’s decor and personality. Since Phoenix is known for its beautifully custom homes and unique architecture, the sky is virtually the limit when it comes to choosing great colors of shingle roofing for the home. After choosing the type of shingle for the home, Arizona homeowners can explore a variety of colors that they can enjoy. Since lighter shades of shingles such as cream, tan, mauve, and even dusty yellows tend to reflect light rather than absorb it, they make excellent choices of shingle colors for homeowners who wish to stay cooler year-round. However, a shingle color should be chosen based upon the color of the rest of the home.

For brick homes, a darker shingle color, such as deep brown or maroon, can complement a more classic style. Lighter colored houses can enjoy a darker contrast to their design by incorporating darker-hued shingles, whereas darker painted homes can be made softer with lighter shingles of the same basic hue. Keeping in the same color spectrum can help make shingles match the rest of the decor of the home regardless of how dark or light the rest of the home actually is.

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If a homeowner is unsure of what type of shingle or what color of shingle roofing they should choose, they can acquire samples and swatches in colors and styles that appeal to them to take home and consider for their roof. Since shingles can complement as well as protect the home, a homeowner should make sure they choose a style and color of shingle they really love so they can enjoy their Phoenix Arizona home even more.

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