Choosing The Right Shingles For Your Peoria Roof

Peoria, Arizona

Installing new shingles is an ideal opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your entire home. You may not realize how much impact your roof has on your home. Your roof can make up one third to one half of your home’s exterior so choosing the right shingle for your home is essential. The type of Peoria AZ shingle you choose will impact not only the appearance of your home, but the functionality of your roof as well. After all your roof isn’t only for aesthetic purposes, it must also protect you and your belongings from the elements.

Arizona Native Roofing Offers Many Options of Roofing ShinglesArizona Native Roofing Has Many Options For Peoria Shingle Roofs

There are many types of shingles available today. Some are more popular in certain areas than others. In Peoria, Arizona, the most commonly used are asphalt shingles, and clay or slate tiles. Asphalt, or composite shingles are still the most popular. They are attractive, inexpensive and relatively easy to install. They carry a warranty of fifteen to thirty years, but the heat in Peoria can shorten their lifespan.

Slate shingles are another popular choice. They boast low maintenance, fire resistance, and a long life, however they are more costly. This can be offset by the fact that slate tiles may last fifty years, and with proper maintenance, have been known to last up to one hundred years. The main disadvantage to slate is its weight. Your roof may need to be reinforced to withstand the extra weight. Installation will also require a professional roofing contractor experienced in working with slate.

Metal shingles are one more excellent option. These shingles are also more expensive than some other types, but are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. They are the most flame retardant shingles available. Metal shingles must also be installed by a professional roofing contractor. In addition, metal shingles are an environmentally friendly choice, as they can be made from recycled metals and can be laid directly on top of old roofing materials to avoid disposal of old materials.


Rubber shingles are a new comer to the roofing market. These shingles are also more expensive, but will easily outlast traditional asphalt shingles. Some manufacturers offer warranties up to fifty years. In addition, they are significantly lighter than slate shingles, therefore avoiding the need to reinforce your existing roof. Because rubber shingles are so low maintenance and long lasting, their cost is easily offset over the years.

The most energy conscious option would be solar shingles. Solar shingles can convert solar power into electricity for your home. They are typically laid over fire retardant treated wood. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, like Peoria, Arizona, solar shingles can help reduce your energy costs. Furthermore, tax incentives are available for installing solar shingles; however, they are expensive and require installation by a roofing professional familiar with solar panels.

The advice of a Peoria roofing professional can be helpful in deciding what type of shingles best suit your home, climate, and budget. Not sure how to choose a roofing contractor? Speak to people you know and ask for recommendations. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Once you’ve narrowed it down to three or four contractors set up appointments for each one to look at your roof and give you an estimate. Beware of an unusually low bid, as tempting as it may seem, that contractor may use inferior materials, do shoddy work, or even be disreputable. On the other hand, he may be just being trying to increase business, or he may have less overhead than the others.

Some ways to increase the likelihood of getting a reputable roofing company include; making certain that the roofer has a physical address and a valid contractor’s license, checking with the Better Business Bureau, and asking to see his certificate of insurance to protect you against damages or in the event of an injury.

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