When do I change my Phoenix roof shingles?

Answer by Jason Swim, Owner of Arizona Native Roofing

When should I replace my Phoenix, AZ roof shingles
Any time a roof is more than than twenty years old, there is a very good probability that it needs to be replaced, but maturity is not the only sign, and younger roofs may easily break down just as easily. As Michael mentioned, you’ll want to be sure to inspect your roof on a yearly basis at the minimum, as well as after major storms. Even just standing from the ground with a set of binoculars can allow you to check the shingles.

Warning signs of problems are shingles which are curling up along the ends, or alternatively are cracked or missing altogether, as well as anywhere the protective granules are worn away, characterized by smooth dark areas.

Checking the underside of your Phoenix shingled roof simply by going around the attic with all the lights off and inspecting it for openings that might be letting sunshine through can also be a typical and practical check up. In addition, shortly after a hard rain watch out for soggy spots.

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Answer by Alan Monzon, Owner of Arizona Roof Rescue

When do I change my Phoenix, Az roof
I would recommend a self check at least 2 times a year, normally in spring and fall. There are multiple ways to tell if your roofing is going bad. Your first step for self check would be to grab a flashlight, and hop in the attic. Once inside, begin staring at the ceiling and check for:

  • Areas that the roof may be sagging
  • Water damaged wood,
  • Leaks
  • Any light shining through.

If any of these are noticeable issues, call a licensed and certified contractor for repair. If not, then you have successfully passed phase one. Phase two of the inspection would be to grab a ladder and hop up on your roof. Once you arrive, you will be looking for:

  • Torn, cracked, and bald or missing shingles
  • Areas that may be coming loose (normally around fireplaces/vents)
  • Signs of moisture, rot, and mold
  • Signs of excessive wear such as large amounts of shingle granules in your water drainage gutters.

If none of these items seem awry, then your roof should be in good condition, but again, if you run into any issues with the list above, be sure to call a licensed and bonded Phoenix roofing contractor to come and advise your next step.

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