How To Avoid These Common Roofing Mistakes

If you are planning on building a home or remodeling one in Paradise Valley, it is easy to think that installing your own roof can be cheaper and easier than hiring a contractor. Although we are probably biased, we know for a fact that roofing can be difficult and is the last thing you want to go wrong. Arizona Native Roofing takes care of Paradise Valley’s roof repair and roof maintenance, knowing that hiring a professional can get the job done the right way the first time. Because we can’t guarantee every roof in the Valley is done properly here are some things to avoid when choosing to DIY.

avoid common roofing mistakesAfter thinking about all of your options you decide to take roofing and maintenance in to your own hands.

Avoid these common roofing mistakes:


If you have no idea on this earth what you are doing – maybe it is best to reconsider. Not having an experience in the roofing industry may mean that you run in to more problems that you can foresee. Unless you have extensive roofing knowledge, there is a reason that roofing professionals exist. Although we all jump at the opportunity to save a few dollars, removing a roof (if you are remodeling) or installing a roof can be dangerous. Make sure you have the correct equipment, knowledge and skills to kick start this project. (Perhaps a phone call to Arizona Native Roofing is the next step in your roofing endeavors).


It is natural to look for the best bargain, especially when each dollar counts these days, but you know the saying Invest in what you use the most – shoes, bed and vehicles but we say invest in your roof material also. If it is a matter of having a well built roof, chances are you do not want to skimp on the materials that will create it. Simply allowing a roofing contractor to do the buying for you will ensure that you get quality products and the right amount of what you need. Because what are you actually going to do with 3 extra pallets of shingles? There is no pinterest suggestion that will help that. Just like retail suppliers, contractors may be able to get the material at a better price so it is worth it to accept help here – but we get it, old habits die really really hard. Side note: roof installation, roof maintenance and roof repair usually come as a package deal. A roofing contractor that is good at what he does will not only provide the best product for the best price but will make sure that the job gets done correctly.

Paradise Valley Roofing Contractor


Perhaps you go ahead with the install, goooooood. You have it all done and it is so pretty and ta-da! House complete – check. BUT you decided that installing rain diverters and flush mounted sky lights (you found a coupon) were great ideas. Again, there is probably a reason that roofers are so experienced. Not all products that you find and install are good for your home in the long run. Some of these convenience-based products actually lead to more damage and stress during the lifetime of the roof (that you installed…). Rain diverters can cause water to back up under the shingles (read Truth About Roof Leaks blog) and is a much bigger issue than you may have foreseen. Skylights can build up water and since most of the time they are not able to hold the amount of water that one of our Paradise Valley, Arizona monsoons can bring it, it would have been better to avoid the roof repair.

Not hiring a good contractor.

Say you go with option A and hire a contractor; you will want to do your research. Often there are contractors that market how cheap and easy they are because their jobs are not done with the amount of integrity and skill that others may have. Reputations are key in the building industry, so find one that works in your area, understands the needs of the roof (like our monsoons or dry desert heat), has reviews and is insured and take your time. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing there is, for a reason. If your buddy John just had an amazing new roof installed or repaired by Arizona Native Roofing then chances are you will believe him when he tells you to call. Check out sites that offer reviews, or the Better Business Bureau to ensure you are getting in with the right crowd. (We’ve all made that mistake).

roofer installing new roof on homeSome other things to be careful of when doing your own roofing:

  • Make sure to have a proper slope. Choose materials that match the slope of the roof so as to avoid leaving your roof susceptible to water damage.
  • Use nails correctly. Not enough or even too many nails can damage a shingle and cause susceptibility.
  • Ceilings and attics need proper ventilation. It’s important to make sure air can escape or you may face the problem of moisture build up.
  • Align the shingles (if this is the material that you choose) correctly.
  • Be aware of shingle overhang. Normally shingles should hang over a roof one to one and a half inches past the home. Too much can cause them to blow off in severe weather and too little overhang can let water seep into the exposed roof.
  • Shingle exposure. Sounds like a disease, but we’re talking sun/weather exposure. Depending on the shingle, manufacturer and location, Paradise Valley roofing shingles have a suggested exposure amount (usually of about five inches) but this is an important detail to keep an eye on.

Arizona Native Roofing is much more than just a roofing company, we are a team of Paradise Valley roofing contractors that specialize in all forms of roofing including foam roofing systems and tile roofing. We take pride in the jobs we complete. Call us today to help you decide whether you should tackle this project on your own or call a professional.

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