The Top 10 Problems of Flat Roofs in Scottsdale

The Top 10 Problems of Flat Roofs in Scottsdale

The Top 10 Problems of Flat Roofs in Scottsdale

Today I want to touch on the top 10 issues your flat roof can (but hopefully won’t) experience
Scottsdale, Arizona

Flat roofs can be found all over the world. In almost every culture you can find flat roofs of some kind, with a higher prevalence in arid areas where families often spend time on top of the roof or use the flat roof as an additional living space.

Here in Arizona, one can either see flat roofs as part of ancient Adobe structures or modern versions thereof on contemporary structures. While flat roofs look sleek and modern, they bring their own set of challenges with them, most of them related to the lacking roof pitch. Today I want to touch on the top 10 issues your flat roof can (but hopefully won’t) experience:

Moisture, Leaks and Water Damage

The most common problem with Scottsdale flat roofs is leaks and moisture related issues. Even though a flat roof never is completely flat and generally has some sort of slight slope, if the drainage system is not working right or is clogged, you will end up with leaks. Regular maintenance checks by your Arizona roofing contractor can prevent those damages from arising. Water damages are costly problems and go beyond flat roof repair. You might want your Scottsdale roofing professional to improve the drainage system or install a new one, if needed.

Shoddy Installation

As with any other roof we advise you to do your homework. Choose a roofer who knows flat roofs, has a good reputation and is licensed, bonded and insured. Choose quality over price. A poorly installed flat roof, might be cheaper initially, but if you end up having to replace it or repair it in a few years, it will factually cost much more.

DIY Repairs

Just because it is easy to walk on a flat roof, does not mean that you should walk on it or should even attempt to repair it. Call your Arizona roofing contractor to repair your flat roof. Do not compromise the health of your flat roof with a poorly executed DIY job.

Lack of Maintenance

So many expensive flat roof problems can be prevented by having your roof inspected annually. Small issues are much easier and most of all, cheaper to fix than full-blown problems. Flat roofs are known to experience leaking and other problems and regularly checking the health of your roof is your first line of defense against costly repairs. Further, if you live in a storm prone area or suspect hail damage to your roof, schedule an inspection with your Scottsdale flat roof roofer to ensure all is well. And should flat roof repair be necessary, he can help with that as well.


While green roofs are all the hype, having random patches of vegetation on your flat roof is not really a good thing. Algae, fungus as well as other “plants” can compromise the integrity and health of your flat roof. To ensure that your roof will keep going strong, have them removed and the roof evaluated.

Ponding Water

This is a biggie! Ponding water is a common problem with flat roofs and they often lead to costly flat roof repairs. However, proper maintenance and un-clogged drainage systems work great in preventing ponding water issues. Another thing to keep in mind is that ponding water often voids the manufacturers’ warranties.

Cracks in the Sheathing

Oftentimes caused by regular weathering or poor material, cracks in the sheathing lead to leaks and should be repaired professionally and as fast as possible.

Flashing Damage

Another cause for flat roof leaks. Flashing can corrode over time, become loose or fall victim to fungus growth. All of the above are cause for concern and leaks. If you suspect flashing damage on your Arizona flat roof, contact your local roofing expert for inspection and repair services.
Flat Roofs in Scottsdale

Blistering and Alligatoring

This is an issue we see a lot of. Blistering happens when air or moisture is trapped between the membranes of the flat roof. It is important to know that this is a problem that is only going to get worse. Blisters stretch your roof and it will not shrink back to its original form allowing for more air and moisture to get trapped. Alligatoring occurs when your flat roof suddenly looks like, well -and alligator, and displays a crazy cracking pattern all over. Generally a sign of aging the coating is starting to crack cause alligator like patterns to appear. For both problems call your Scottsdale roof repair expert to execute the appropriate flat roof repairs.


For obvious reasons holes are never good in any roof, especially in places they should not be. Improperly placed Christmas decoration, a poorly placed AC are just two of many reasons why your flat roof would have holes that can lead to moisture problems and roof leaks.

Even though, flat roofs can prove to be challenging and bring with them an array of unique problems, with regular maintenance check, inspections and properly executed flat roof repairs by your local Scottsdale roofer such as Arizona Native Roofing, your flat roof will last you a along time.

For more information on flat roofs or to schedule a roof inspection, call us today.

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