Repairing Foam Roofs After Hailstorms

When inclement weather strikes the most important concern is for safety of life. However, the concern for property is always on the top of the list as well. In Scottsdale Arizona most of the bad weather that strikes the state is in the form of lightning, wind, hail, and sandstorm damage. These types of weather conditions have been known to cause extensive damage to property.

hail damage foam roofing ScottsdaleWhen hailstorms occur they can wreak more havoc on property than other storms. This is because it can cause damage to cars, roofs, windows and many other property items. Foam roofs in particular can take quite a beating because of this type of storm. The indentations and pockets that can be caused by hail on foam roofing can be problematic for a homeowner. While Scottsdale foam roofing has many advantages for homeowners, especially for homes in the Scottsdale region, there are problems that do occur because of storms such as hailstorms. These roofs tend to take a bit of a beating during a hailstorm. The good news is that the roof repair process after such a storm is usually pretty easy. However, if left unattended it can prove to be far more extensive of a problem later on.

The only way to tell how much damage has occurred on a foam roof from a hailstorm is by an actual inspection of the roof. This can be done by a roof professional or by a homeowner with a well trained eye for damage. Foam roofs that have suffered damage from a hailstorm will show significant or mild pocketing. When this is left unattended, hail storm damage can create roof leakage which can cause structural problems down the road for a homeowner.

Not all hail damage is extensive to a foam roof. Some damage is mild and does not require repairs so proper assessment is important. For roof repairs the use of polyurethane caulking sealant and the use of disposable spray foam kits are usually the best way to repair the foam damage successfully and ensure the integrity of the roof stays intact. While pocketing and indentations are important to look for, cracks are important to assess as well because they can expand if not repaired. Cracks greater than ¾ inch wide and ¼ inch deep would require greater concern and should be assessed by a professional roofing company in Scottsdale Arizona. Caution is always advised before climbing on a roof. Homeowners should always make sure they can safely be on the roof before attempting any inspection.

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