Does My Roof Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

Does your roof look damaged or causing a leaky roof? Is your roof old and falling apart? How do you know if you need your roof repaired or replaced? Arizona Native Roofing is here to tell you what you need to know. A Scottsdale roofer will do a roofing inspection or evaluation to determine whether we do a repair and maintenance or it needs to be removed and we need to install a new roofing system. We determine what you will need just based on looking at your roof.

Repairing or Replacing Your Scottsdale Roof With Arizona Native Roofing

Maintenance and Repair for your Roof

Shingle Roofs: You should at least have your shingle roofs in Scottsdale inspected once a year, so you can avoid any signs of leaking or any other damages that won’t be a costly roof repair in Scottsdale. Any damages can appear quickly on a shingle roof. You’re know when your roof needs maintenance when you notice any signs of shifted or missing shingles and bent roof jacks. Common problems with shingle roofing is they can wear down or curl over time allowing water to penetrate. Their most common problem is this type of roofing is leaky, which can be fixed by resealing the shingles and patching cracks.

Cement Tile Roof: Having your cement tile roof in Scottsdale is important to have a yearly inspection. You will notice you’ll need roof maintenance or repair when you see missing or shift tiles with bent roof jacks. The most common problems with cement tile roofs is having cracked or broken tiles that can expose the underlayment, causing it to dry out and crack allowing water to seep in. Impeding the flow of water off the roof, cases debris to accumulate on cement tile roofing. This can cause leaks from the water accumulating or backing up.

Other roofs: Any other roof that you might have should be inspected more often or if you have many trees or birds leaving behind debris to accumulate.

Leaking Roofs: If your roof has a minor leak, a good contractor will help you avoid replacing your roof. Common roof leaks are caused by cracks in the skylights, chimneys, vents, and flashings. In most cases we only do a roof repair.

After you have a new roof installed, it is best to start getting yearly inspections and maintenance when your roof is roughly 5 years old. Make sure to fix these issues fast before any further damage happens.

Replacement for your Roof

Shingle roof: Some signs that you may need to replace your shingle roof is when it typically becomes dry and brittle. You notice this is happening when more granules start to appear on the ground around your home or on the roof, any discoloration in the shingles, or curling shingles.

Tile roof: You will need to replace your tile roof if the underlayment has deteriorated. Having the underlayment is what keeps the moisture out. The best way to notice your underlayment is to have your yearly inspections.

Average Cost: The prices vary depending on the type of roof you need to repair. If there has been damage for a while, water damaged may have already occurred, which will require you to replace the rotted wood that will increase the costs.


Have you determined whether you need a roof repair or replacement? Do you need a roof repair? Or do you need a new roof installed? If you need any help deciding what you will need, please call Arizona Native Roofing today and we’ll be glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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