Getting Your Commercial Scottsdale Flat Roof Ready for Winter

Getting Your Commercial Scottsdale Flat Roof Ready for Winter

Getting Your Commercial Scottsdale Flat Roof Ready for Winter

Here are a few tips on getting your commercial flat roof winter-ready!
Scottsdale, Arizona

Winter is coming. Your winter ready commercial flatroof In Scottsdale, that may not be as harsh as in some places, but it still means that we are set to get colder temperatures, icy rains, and other unpleasantness. Your roof needs to be in top shape to protect your business from all that lies ahead. Yet after a long and brutal summer with lots of rain, wind, and dust storms, your foam roof may not be in the best shape.

Now is the time to get your commercial roof ready for the winter to reduce your risk of needing Scottsdale roof repair. The more you do now, the less you’ll have to do (and spend later).

Check for Damage

The most obvious thing you need to do right now is get up on your roof and look around for any signs of damage. For a foam roof, this can include cracks in the foam or missing chunks. Yet you also want to look for debris like sticks and piles of leaves.

Of course, walking around on your roof isn’t always safe. It’s best to hire a professional to come take a look. A Scottsdale commercial roofer will perform the job safely and will be able to more thoroughly inspect the space.

Check the Drains

Clogged drains and gutters can cause water to back up and spill over the roof, contributing to water damage. Check all the drains and the gutters to make sure there is no debris from the summer storms. Clean out any clogs you find to ensure that winter can flow freely.

Look for Standing Water

Foam roofs are flat roofs, and if they are not installed correctly or if they start to break down, they can allow water to pool in spots. This standing water can contribute to the breakdown of roofing materials over time, which can lead to leaks and water damage. Look for any standing water to find trouble spots.

Inspect the Flashing

Flashing is the material used around your chimney, vents, and any other protrusions from your roof. Flashings are often the source of roof leaks, so it is important that they are all in good shape and properly adhered to the roof. Again, this is where it is worth calling a Scottsdale, 85260 roofing company who will know what to look for and how to inspect your flashing.

Scottsdale Foam Roofing by Arizona Native Roofing

The best thing you can do to get your commercial roof ready for the winter is to hire a Scottsdale, 85255 roofing contractor to perform an inspection. A professional will find any problem areas and make recommendations for improvement. Flat roofs like a foam roof need to be inspected once a year to discover problems early and prevent costly roof repair.

Arizona Native Roofing provides annual inspections and roof repair for foam roofs and other types of commercial roofs. Call us today to schedule your inspection or to ask questions about how to care for your roof. We can also schedule emergency repairs if you already know you have a leak or another problem.

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