Surprising Causes of Phoenix Roof Leaks

You walk through your living room and feel a drop of water splash onto your head. You stop. That couldn’t be what you thought it was — could it?

You look up, and you see a small brown ring and another drop forms at the center and hits you right in the forehead.

You have a leak.

Surprising Causes of Phoenix Roof Leaks

Surprising Causes of Phoenix Roof Leaks

The causes of roof leaks aren’t always obvious. Some reasons why your roof is leaking are surprising. Learn more in today’s blog!
Phoenix, Arizona

Your first thought may be that you have a loose shingle or a broken tile, and you call your roofing company to come out for some roof Phoenix repair. But the reality is that there are dozens of reasons that you could have a leak.

Here are a few reasons that might surprise you that your roof is leaking:

Problems with Your Gutters

Your gutters hang along the edge of your roof, so you probably don’t think that they can cause any damage that could cause your roof to leak. After all, the gutters hang over the ground around your home, not over your home itself.

However, if your gutters are blocked, water could back up in the gutters and flow over the roof. During the winter, the water can freeze and form an ice dam. If new rain falls, the gutters would offer no protection and the water would flow over the roof.

Damaged or blocked gutters can cause extensive water damage to your roof and can push water into your home.

Problems with Your Chimney

Your chimney can experience a number of problems that can cause leaking from your roof.

If your chimney is not appropriately covered, it is basically a big hole that allows water into your home. You need a chimney cap, and the cap needs to be properly fastened and sealed.

The chimney also needs to be waterproofed and to have a liner. If cracks form or the liner becomes damaged, water will get inside and cause leaking.
Cracks in the crown of the chimney can also cause leaking, as can loose flashing around the chimney.

When you call your trusted Phoenix roofing company to check out the source of a leak, be sure that the contractor also checks out the chimney.

Poor Ventilation

Leaks are not always the cause of water flowing into your home. Sometimes, the water can form inside your home.

Without proper ventilation, your attic can become a very humid and damp place. The condensation can build, eventually turning into droplets and then puddles of water.

Your attic needs proper ventilation, and the air needs to be able to move freely. Therefore, if your attic is packed to the gills with boxes, the air may not be able to flow and the warm, moist air can become trapped and condensation can form.

Proper insulation can also help control humidity levels. Talk with a Phoenix area roofing specialist about ways to deal with the humidity in your attic if you are experiencing problems.

Skylight Installation

Skylights can let in natural light and make your room feel more open. Plus, it’s nice to stare up at the stars while you are lying in bed at night.

But skylights can also make your home less energy-efficient and vulnerable to leaks if they are not properly installed. Tiny cracks around the skylight can let water inside, causing water damage to your roof, your ceiling, your floors, and more.

Make sure that you hire the right contractor to install any new skylights, and make sure that the skylights are thoroughly inspected during your roof inspection. The seals should not show any signs of wear.

Roof Vents

Vents from your stove, bathroom fans, and other appliances are often run out through your roof. A boot cap or other fitting is put around these vents to create a seal between them and the roof.

Improperly installed or damaged boots, flashing, or sealant can allow water to leak into your roof. Plastic materials can also break down after many years, and nails and screws can become loose.

Ensure that your vents are checked during your annual roof inspection to discover any signs of damage before problems occur. Fixing a cracked seal is a lot quicker and cheaper than replacing subdecking, underlayment, tile and other roofing materials.

Removal of Antennas and Other Accessories

When you remove an antenna, satellite dish or other accessory from your roof, there are going to be small holes behind where screws and nails once attached the items. Even those small holes can let in enough water over time to cause major damage.

Make sure you check for any holes left behind when you remove accessories. Fill them with sealant or some other patch. If you aren’t sure how to handle the roof repair, call a professional roofing company to do the work.

Leaves and Other Debris

You may not think that a pile of leaves on your roof can do much besides make it look bad. But leaves and other debris can actually damage your roof and cause small leaks to turn into major problems.

Leaves and other organic material can begin to compost on your roof, and it can break down the roofing materials. Tiny granules can be pushed out on asphalt shingles, and tiny cracks can form in tile. Even that little bit of damage can make the roofing materials weak and vulnerable to bigger fissures.

Keep your roof cleaned to protect it from this damage.

Working with the right roofing company can help you maintain your roof and prevent the type of damage that can lead to leaks that can cause major damage. Arizona Native Roofing has been serving clients in the greater Phoenix area for many years, helping to protect their roofs and their properties. We perform the highest quality craftsmanship when installing new roofs, and we offer ongoing maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of your roof. If you need roof repair, we can be there quickly to prevent the spread of damage to your home. Call us today to learn why we are one of the best roofing companies in Phoenix and experience our superior customer service for yourself.

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