Getting Your Roof Ready for the Phoenix Summer

Getting Your Roof Ready For The Phoenix Summer
Phoenix has many wonderful things to recommend it, but many people may not think that the searing summer heat is one of them. In addition to temperatures that often reach the triple digits, the Phoenix summer is marked by strong thunderstorms. The combination of these extreme conditions poses many threats to the health of your roof. It is important that you get your roof in the right shape to help it make it through the summer safe and sound.

Here are a few things that you need to do to get your roof ready for the Phoenix summer:

Get an Inspection

Regular inspections are essential to the health of your roof, but they are even more important just before the summer season. The summer heat can cause shingles to curl or crack, clay tiles to deteriorate, and underlayment and other roofing materials to crumble and crack. Any of these issues can cause serious leaks when summer storms strike.

Getting an inspection by a qualified Phoenix roofing contractor can help you discover any issues before the season begins so that you can make the necessary roof repair. You don’t want to have to learn that you have leaks or other weaknesses in your roof the hard way after water starts pouring through your ceiling.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters and downspouts will be not be able to effectively divert water away from your roof and your foundation when summer storms start. This could lead to water pooling on the roof, which can cause damage to your shingles or tiles, as well as leaks. Thoroughly clean your gutters and downspouts before the season begins to keep your roof clear of standing water and divert it away from your home.

Trim Branches Near the Roof

Strong winds and heavy downpours during storms can cause branches to snap off nearby trees and fall on your house. Minor damages include small leaks, but a large enough branch can come crashing right through your roof. Hire a landscape professional to trim any branches that are near your roof before the summer storm season begins. It’s also a good idea to have a professional evaluate the health of your trees. Diseased trees are at risk of cracking at the trunk or falling over by the root in a serious storm.

Consider a Cool Roof System

The extreme temperatures during the Phoenix summer can heat up your roof and your home, increasing your cooling costs. If your roof is beginning to age, it may be time to consider a PHX roof replacement with a cool roof system. Cool roofs are designed with materials that absorb and redirect heat to help keep your home cooler. Some roofs can also be treated with a special paint or coating to improve the insulation. Talk with a roofing contractor to learn more about your options.

With a little planning for the summer, you can keep your roof in top health and avoid expensive roof repair. These simple tips will make sure that your roof is summer ready, even if you aren’t.

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