Roof Disaster Prevention 101: 5 Solutions for a Long Lasting Roof

While living in Phoenix may create the illusion that the weather is always sunny and pleasant, this does not mean that is always great and stays in tip-top shape. Whether you are working on a Phoenix new roof installation or searching for a Phoenix roofing contractor to undertake your Phoenix roof repair, it is highly important to think ahead and remember to schedule routine maintenance in order to extend the lifespan of your roof. Here, we present five ways to help improve the longevity of your roof and prevent unwanted expenses.

Regular Inspections

– As previously mentioned, routine maintenance and inspection is one of the key factors in determining how long your roof will perform well and protect your home. You will be able to spot leaks before they cause hefty damages, identify the signs of mold and mildew growth, or replace shingles or tiles that have been loosened by weather. Regardless if your home has Phoenix tile roofing or Phoenix shingle roofing, taking the time to consistently inspect your roof will go a long way in preventing future issues.

Perform Repairs Immediately

– If you have come across any potential problems during your routine inspections, do the repairs immediately. Do not delay. Waiting even a few days or a week has the potential to greatly exacerbate the issue and cause further damages, especially concerning mold and mildew growth. A rainstorm could blow through and rip off any loose tiles, and create steady leaks requiring extensive repairs (including stud, drywall, or paint replacement).

Additionally, under the right conditions mold growth will abound, which in turn will cause big health problems for any of the household residents. Particularly susceptible are infants, small children, elderly, or anyone already dealing with respiratory issues or immune weakness. If you are uncertain how to perform any repairs yourself, call a knowledgeable friend or hire a reputable Phoenix roofing company to do the work for you. This brings us to the next point:

Hire a Professional

– While DIY projects are encouraged and can usually save the homeowner time or money depending on their knowledge or skill level, some repairs just require a professional. This is especially true if an entire Phoenix re-roofing job is at hand. Remember to find someone with plenty of experience, skill, and knowledge. Rather than taking the risk of messing up the project by doing it wrong yourself, it may be worth your investment to hire a professional from the get-go to avoid causing further damages.

Plan Ahead

– Rather than just searching for “a Phoenix roofing company near me” and choosing the first one you see because you are desperate, plan ahead. Look for someone reputable who carries an excellent record of reviews and ratings. Do not be afraid to ask to see references, credentials, past work, or anything else you may want to know. Any company unwilling to show these upon request is likely not worth your time or investment. Just do your own research – contact their references and look online to see past clients’ reviews. Word of mouth and referrals from past clients tend to be the most accurate portrayal of any contractor’s work.

Once you have chosen a Phoenix roofing company you feel comfortable with, you will be ready for any necessary inspections, repairs, or re-roofing projects that may arise.

Check Materials & Warranty

– It is important to ask your chosen roofing contractor where their materials are sourced and what kind of warranties they offer to clients. The higher quality materials, the longer they are likely to last on your roof. While they may be more expensive up front, it is worth the investment for you in the long run.

Check what warranties are offered by the roofing company you choose. Some companies offer very short warranties that really do not cover very much, while others are more willing to offer all-encompassing, longer-lasting deals. Ask questions, and if you do not understand something, put time into doing your own research. It will be to your benefit to fully understand what you are paying for!

AZ Native Roofing is a local family-owned, highly experienced roofing company serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of roofing services, including inspections and re-roofing, and treat every client like family. Between our unbeatable warranties, honest service, years of experience, and professional attitude, you are sure to be drawn in and excited to work with us. AZ Native Roofing also provides our references and credentials upon request. Let us help you get your roof inspected and provide your free estimate for repairs today!

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