Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs that Your Phoenix Roof is Failing?

Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs that Your Phoenix Roof is Failing?

Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs that Your Phoenix Roof is Failing?

Be on the lookout for these signs of early roof failure!
Phoenix, Arizona

The earlier you recognize damage on your roof, the sooner you can start Phoenix roof repairs, keep your roof’s integrity intact and protect your roofing structure and your home. But just how do you know that your roof is starting to fail? Here are some early warning signs that clue you in about the current state of your roof. Some you might know about, and others might surprise you.

You are seeing black

A dead giveaway that your roof needs help is when you start seeing dark stains or water damage on walls and ceilings inside your home. Leaving roof leaks unattended can cause mold and mildew growth which are not only unsightly but can be dangerous for your health as well. Also beware of electrical water damage in light fixtures or ceiling fans. While sometimes water stains can be an indicator for insufficient ventilation, it is a rather rare occurrence here in Arizona.

Your gutters aren’t gutted

Your gutters are a good place to check on how your roof is doing these days. If they are overflowing during the monsoon season, they are probably clogged with pests, foliage, bird droppings or something else. In any event, they are a sure sign that your roof is not working properly. Water can back up and cause damage to the roof, home and the foundations. Also if you have a Phoenix shingle roof and discover an excess amount of granules in your gutter and around your home, you most likely want to consider replacing your roof in the near future. Granules not only protect the shingles from rain and UV rays, but also add weight to the shingles to prevent them from being blown of your Arizona roof.

Your roof is warping

Buckling, sacking, peeling and blistering of roof shingles or exterior paint are another indicator that something is amiss. Your Arizona roofe can assess where the damage comes from. Oftentimes, it is due to poor ventilation or water damage. A roof replacement may not be avoidable much longer.

Your roof is ugly

As odd as that may sound, if you are suddenly noticing dark or unsightly areas or streak on your roof, you are probably dealing with pollutants or worse fungal or algae growth. While none are severe enough to warrant an immediate roof replacement, you probably want your local roofing contractor to take a look at it to determine the extent of the damage and how to remedy it. Sometimes however those dark areas are another indicator or granule loss.

Your roof has become expensive

Have you noticed an increase in your heating, or more likely cooling bill as of late? This could mean that your roof is missing shingles, tiles, is leaking or otherwise not working properly. This might be a good time for an annual roof inspection or have your Phoenix roofing professional check the insulation in your attic.

Is your roof ready for retirement?

Age is a surefire indicator of what is going on with your roof. The average Arizona shingle roof has a lifespan of about 20 years while tiles can last around 50 years. Of you see any of the above signs AND have an old roof, contact Arizona Native Roofing at 602-348-6559 for a free roof repair or replacement estimate.

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