Everything You Need To Know About Phoenix Roof Repair

Everything You Need to Know About Phoenix Roof RepairDo I Need a New Roof?
The choice between roof repair and roof replacement can be a difficult one. If water is leaking through your roof into your home it’s obvious you are at least in need of roof repair. Before a roof leak becomes that drastic, inspect your roof for signs of hidden leaks. The first place water damage will show up is in the attic. Arm your self with a flashlight and look for dark wet spots inside the roof. Check for wet or moldy insulation in your attic. After it makes its way into your attic water will begin to seep through, so look for stained or peeling paint where the moisture is working its way in. While you’re in the attic inspect your roof ventilation. Inadequate roof ventilation is another cause of moldy insulation and rotting wood.

If you are comfortable getting on the roof, look for loose or missing shingles. Check the seal and flashing around any openings, such as chimneys and vents. These are the most common places for leaks to develop. Low places and rotting wood are more signs that you need roof repair.

Cracked or curling shingles or shingles that are worn smooth may be signs that you need a new roof.

If you have a tile roof don’t attempt to walk on it. From the ladder, use binoculars to inspect for cracked tiles, as walking on a tile roof will cause damage.

The age of your roof, and how long your shingles are warrantied to last are major points to consider. You may wish to call and schedule an inspection with a Phoenix roofing contractor.

Roof Repair Safety

Proper safety equipment and practices are essential when working on a roof. Even professional Phoenix roofing contractors are not immune to falling from roofs, and each year many contractors are injured in falls, some fatally.

Some precautions to take against falling include; using safety equipment such as a safety harness. Avoid slipping or tripping by wearing safe shoes or boots, and keeping your work area clear of debris’s and tools.

Improper ladder use is another source of danger. It’s easy to become careless setting up and moving your ladder. Your ladder should be set up on a solid, level area and tied off at the top. It’s crucial to have your ladder extend at least 3 feet above the roof in order to move safely from the ladder onto the roof. Always move up and down your ladder safely by facing it and climbing one rung at a time.

Fatal mistakes can occur when using a ladder near electrical wires or boxes. Fiberglass ladders are safer than metal ladders since they are non-conductive. Remember that all metal materials such as flashing, conduct electricity. It’s also imperative to keep in mind that even if you don’t actually touch a wire, electricity can arc from a wire several feet away. If you have to work near electric wires, call the power company for advice.

Choosing a Roofing Material

There are many roofing materials available today, but the most common is still asphalt shingles. The reason for this is their low cost and ease of application. Asphalt shingles are available in a large variety of colors styles and also a variety of warranty options. The drawbacks to asphalt shingles are their low insulation value and the fact that they are made from petroleum products, making them the least environmentally conscious choice.

Clay roofing tiles are also very popular in Phoenix. They are long-lasting and fireproof. They are also a greener choice since they can reflect over 50 percent of the suns rays.

Polyurethane foam roofing is a relative newcomer, often used on commercial buildings. It is sprayed on and forms a seamless, leak proof barrier. The foam is able to expand and contract in response to the hot Phoenix sun.

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