What to Watch Out for When Hiring Roofers during Peak Times in Phoenix

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What to Watch Out for When Hiring Roofers during Peak Times in Phoenix
In this blog, learn what to look for when hiring a roofer during peak heat conditions in Phoenix AZ.
Phoenix, Arizona

While it may seem far away now, it won’t actually be long before the temperatures start rising and the weather starts being sunny and pleasant once again. With spring temperatures come spring showers, and many homeowners will start looking for an affordable Phoenix  roofing company to perform their annual inspection and maintenance. Showers may also reveal leaks that formed during the winter, requiring a call to a roofer for an emergency repair.

Spring is a peak time for professional roof repair services in Phoenix, which may make it harder to find someone fast or on the schedule you need. You could be tempted to hire any company that shows availability, even if you haven’t done your research, but that could leave you vulnerable to problems. Here are a few things to watch out for when hiring a roofing company during peak times in Phoenix:

Hire a Local Company

You may be tempted to cast your net wider for a roofing company to increase your chances of finding someone with the right availability or pricing that fits your budget. However, hiring someone outside of your area would be a big mistake. The farther away a roofing company operates, the harder it will be for you to find others who have experience with the company and can offer you feedback about its service. A roofer from another area may also not be subjected to the same laws that protect you in your jurisdiction.

Phoenix is such a big area that you should have no problem finding someone local who can meet all your needs. Try to find someone who frequently operates in or near your community, as well.

Check Credentials

You should only work with a roofing company that employs licensed and insured contractors. Licensing ensures that a contractor has all the required training and experience to perform the job professionally and safely. Insurance protects you in case of any accident, either to your property or to someone on your property.

Don’t just take the company’s word for it about the license and insurance. Ask for the credentials and check the license and insurance policy to make sure they are current. Even if a roofer had the right credentials at one time, they may have lapsed.

Learn about Payment Options

Even when you find a company that offers some of the best pricing, roofing work can still be quite expensive. Not all homeowners have the savings to cover the costs.

Ask about what payment options are provided to help make the work more affordable. Some roofers may take payment through credit cards or paypal, while others may offer their own payment plans. The more options you have, the easier it will be for you to budget the roofing work you need.

Be Wary of Price Gouging

During peak roofing season, some unethical roofing companies may try to take advantage of the higher demand and lower supply by significantly raising their prices. To make sure you are not the victim of price gouging, you should shop around with several companies of different sizes. Compare the quotes you get from each company to get an idea of average costs.

Online research can also reveal average costs for specific roofing services. Just be sure that your research is focused on the Phoenix area since prices for roofing services can vary significantly by location. For example, what someone pays for roofing services in New York City will likely be much higher than what someone pays in Des Moines, Iowa.

The roofing professionals at Arizona Native Roofing are ready to offer all the roofing services you needin Phoenix, even during the busy season. We employ a large team of experienced roofers who are fully licensed and insured so that we have the availability to help a large number of customers at any given time. We strive to be the top roofing company in Phoenix, and that means we are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship, friendly service, and affordable pricing with flexible payment options. We serve both residential and commercial customers, and we urge you to call us today for a free price quote.

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