2020 Roofing Trends to Consider for Your New Roof

Are you in the know about the latest Phoenix residential roofing trends being utilized across the country? Whether silicone coatings, green, synthetics, solar, and more, there are multiple new roofing ideas rapidly gaining popularity in many areas throughout the United States. Arizona Native Roofing, an established and reputable Phoenix roofing company near you, has shared their knowledge and insight about what’s new in the roofing world.

2020 Roofing Trends to Consider for Your New Roof


Synthetic roofing has quickly become one of the most highly sought and heavily praised materials for Phoenix new roof installation and Phoenix re-roofing projects. The biggest plus to having a synthetic roof is that it can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of shakes, shingles, clay tiles, slate, or just about any other material. This is ideal for any homeowner who wants a more durable version of a specific product.

Synthetic roofing is typically polymer-based, and made from a mixture of plastic, rubber, fiberglass, clay, and recycled paper products. Its low-maintenance needs and high weather-resistance make synthetics very appealing to homeowners and business owners alike.

Roofing is typically classified by its level of fire resistance and impact resistance. Most synthetic roofing options offered by your local roofing company serving Phoenix are Class 4 impact resistant, and Class A fire resistant. Class 4 is the toughest level of impact resistance, meaning it can stand up amazingly well to hail, wind, and other intense weather elements, which provides an added benefit for those who want an extremely durable product. Class A is the best fire resistance rating, and includes other materials such as clay, metal, and concrete.


Green roofing has become increasingly popular, due to mounting environmental concerns. So much that, a few years ago, Denver put out an ordinance requiring any building over 25,000 square feet to include an area of green roof or a combination of green roof and solar energy.

Not only are these green roofs beautiful and visually soothing, but they are reported by many reliable Phoenix roofing contractors to offer multiple benefits. These benefits include effective stormwater drainage, air purification, reduced ambient temperature, a better regulated indoor temperature, energy-saving, sound insulation, and climate-proof. Additionally, a properly installed green roof can even reduce the need for Phoenix roof repair, due to its ability to protect the roof membrane from intense sun rays and extensive temperature fluctuations. A green roof will even tend to reduce utility bills over time, thanks to its effective temperature regulation.


Another type of money-saving, durable roof is known as “cool roofing”. Cool roofs look similar in style to Phoenix shingle roofing or tiles, but are made specifically to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. While traditional roofing materials are darkly colored and tend to absorb lots of heat, cool roof material is manufactured in light colors, use reflective paint, have a sheet covering, or contain highly reflective Phoenix tile roofing or shingles to help deflect sunlight. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce energy costs, and increase roof longevity due to solar reflectivity and decreased surface temperatures.

You may be wondering if cool roofing has the same effect on a heavily-sloped or roof. The answer is yes! There are various techniques used including built-up roofing, single-ply materials, and coatings to help with the low-slope projects, while steep roofs can utilize metal, asphalt, single, or tile options to help meet the necessary standards. Any educated roofing contractor should be able to offer direction and knowledge about what how a cool roof can be effectively added to your home.


Solar tiles and shingles are growing in popularity mainly because of various state regulations across the country. Some cities are beginning to require solar roof panels on any home that is three stories or less, while others simply want to encourage homeowners to capitalize on the vast amounts of sunshine in their area. Ultimately, those who choose to utilize solar panels, tiles, or shingles will be making a wise financial decision that will drastically help reduce their energy bills.

Thankfully, the bulky solar panels we are all familiar with are no longer the standard. Instead, newer and sleeker options have been developed in the form of shingles or tiles that are aesthetically pleasing and fit seamlessly with any home.


The number of metal roofs has increased dramatically over the last several years. Though initial installation costs can be quite a bit more than typical shingle roof, smart homeowners know that they are making a wise investment into the future of their home. Metal roofing lasts significantly longer than a typical asphalt roof, plus it can be easily installed onto homes of any size or style.

Another reason that homeowners and contractors alike are drawn to metal roofing is its low maintenance requirements, variety of styles to consider, and its highly reflective and insulative properties. Again, this will lead to reduced energy bills and increased home value.


Lastly, silicone roof coatings are prevalent among homeowners who need a re-roofing done on their home. Rather than pay for a total re-roof, homeowners are opting for a silicone roof coating instead. Its purpose is to create a long-lasting, impermeable membrane that is leak-resistant, heat-resistant, and durable.

All that is required for a silicone roof coating to be applied is 1-2 coats of the silicone primer or topcoat. It is significantly more affordable than a re-roofing, and is visually appealing as well. If this sounds like a viable option for your home, ask your local roofing expert for more information.

Overall, there are many trendy and aesthetically pleasing options for homeowners who need a roof. Along with being affordable, durable, and long-lasting, they will increase the value of any home by being an investment into the future. To learn more about current roofing trends and how they could benefit you, consult with your favorite roofing experts, Arizona Native Roofing. For over 15 years, we have provided professional roofing solutions for homeowners by being adept with installation and maintenance on all types of roofing materials. With a successful history and excellent reviews, our knowledgeable roofing contractors are available at all hours to discuss your questions and concerns, and always welcome inquiries about the latest and greatest roofing trends. Give us a call today to setup a consultation with one of our experts!

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