What Not to Do to Your Glendale Roof!

What Not to Do to Your Glendale Roof!

What Not to Do to Your Glendale Roof!

Here are some pointers on what not to do to your roof in order to keep its value up!
Glendale, Arizona

When it comes to your Glendale roof, sometimes doing nothing at all is better than doing something incorrectly and causing more damage in the long run. While your roof may seem like no big deal to you, a poorly fixed roof can decrease the value of your home and be excessively expensive to repair. Here are some pointers on what not to do to your roof in order to keep its value up:


Even though minor roof repair my seem like child’s play, if you are not experienced or a skilled handyman, leave it to the experts. Ruining your roof with improperly placed nails, damaged underlayment or poor flashing is going to cost you more in the end, then the bundle you imagined saving, when you started the project. It is not uncommon for a roofing company to be called to help and rescue a homeowner who thought he could do it himself and soon realized how difficult and even dangerous doing one’s own Glendale roof repair can be.

Cheap Contractors:

Unless they are your neighbors, friends or family member, there is most likely a reason why they are cheap. Inexperienced roofers or those using sub-par materials are able to underbid your local Glendale roofing crew, but will end up costing you more in the long run, when your roof fails before it should and your ceilings show dark spots do to leaks. Quality can come at a price, so do your homework check the ROC, the and ask coworkers and friends for referrals.

Buying Your Own Materials:

Your Glendale roofing contractor probably won’t want or like you to purchase your own materials- and not because they want to push their roofing materials on you. Actually, the materials are often part of the package deal when you hire a roofing crew to repair or install your roof. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not save money by buying your own roofing materials, because roofers generally have access to better quality materials and, because they buy a lot and often, at better prices too. Additionally, they do have the expertise to know which materials and systems are going to be working best with your Glendale roof.

Adding Damaging Items to Your Roof:

Don't do this to your Glendale Roof
And this does not only go for holiday decoration. You can read roofing blogs every holiday season, warning about the damages to your roof caused by heavy or incorrectly placed holiday decorations. Your roof is meant to protect your home, not to be the base for loads of holiday lights. But sometimes even things you think may not be bad for your roof, end up being just that. Rain diverters, for example, can cause major damage to your roof if they are placed incorrectly and end up pushing water under tiles and shingles. Skylights that are flush mounted can cause similar damages as they are often unable to support large amounts of rain, causing water to seep under the flange and damage the roof.

If you need help in deciding what is best for your Glendale roof or what roof repair makes the most sense, call your local roofing experts at Arizona Native Roofing. We have a no-nonsense approach to keeping your roof in shape and saving you money down the road by doing the job right-the first time.

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