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Arizona Roofing Ridge LinesPerfect ridge line vents are required to protect Arizona roofs and the rafters beneath the ridge line. The ridge line vent is a metal cap-like device that sets at the top of the roof where the two sides meet, and is intended to act as a vent to let hot air out while the cooler air is drawn in by the roof vents. The ridge line vents are made out of shingles or aluminum and a roofing contractor can recommend the best type. Copper ridge line vents are available at a higher price.

These ridge line vents come in various designs and shapes to accommodate every roof line and most every roof pitch that is constructed. Each is designed to prevent rain and snow from entering the attic through this vent. The ridge line vents generally follow a common design for the same roof line. This product is available in rolls of 10, 20 and 30 feet. The aluminum and copper are available in 10 foots lengths. Some are made with a design in the manufacture of the product to give it extra strength. They are sold wherever Arizona roofing supplies can be bought.

Installation of Ridge Vent Lines

Installation by a roofing company is easy and, the preferred installation method uses screws that penetrate the roof supports. A polyurethane product is applied over each screw head to protect the area from water entering around the screw head. Some ridge line vent manufacturers recommend hammer and nails or a nail gun. Other manufacturers and roofing contractors claim that using nails makes the vent vulnerable to wind lifting the vent up far enough to let water or snow in, while other manufacturers and roofing companies in Glendale suggest that this procedure could allow the ridge line vent to be blown off the roof.

Regardless of the installation process, it is recommended that the ridge line vent be inspected by a roofing company at least once a year. A well secured vent will provide the best cooling for an attic and will prevent insects and moisture from entering the roofs. The ridge line vent accomplishes a lot for the homeowner and at a modest cost.

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