How Your Roof Life Affects Your Home Value

Glendale, Arizona

For many of us, our home’s roof is not what we think about when we contemplate what type of home improvements we want to do. Whether you live here in the Glendale, Arizona area or in another suburb – it is not important. What does matter is that the longevity of your roof can and will affect your home’s value.

How the life of your Glendale AZ roof affects your home valueFirst of all, what does it cost to replace a Glendale roof? Depending on the scope of the job, the size of your roof and the materials chosen, the average cost is between $8000 and $12,000 for a new roof. This is not a state of the art super expensive project, or for a very large home. This is for your every day average homeowner.

When you go to purchase a home, every home buyer has to think about what types of upgrades they will need to make or want to make, and on what time table. Getting a new roof is not usually something that they want to do. It does not add immediate wow factor to your guests like a swanky new kitchen or a beautiful outdoor patio and it is not something new home buyers want to spend money on.

If your roof is newly done in the past couple of years and has a ten year or longer warranty (which it should). This tells a prospective buyer that he will not have to shell out big bucks for a new roof any time soon.

The other added bonus is a new roof looks attractive. It helps with the curb appeal, it makes the house look fresh and newer, similar to putting a new coat of paint in a room.

When you get your roof done, inspect the warranty. Be sure to find out what the exclusions are. Get a good idea if the coverage you are being offered is to industry standard or not.

Find out how you can protect your very valuable investment – your home – and how you can add value.

When doing your roof, you have a lot of choices on the types of materials being used, the color, and style. Obviously budget plays a part of this, as does your personal taste and style. You want a roof that fits in the motif of your area. For example in Glendale Arizona, Spanish tile roofs look very nice but maybe not as nice in Nebraska.


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Getting a quick patchup done when a full new roof is needed may not make sense either. If the job is going to cost $2000 for a repair or $8000 for a fully new roof, consider all of the factors. How old is your existing roof? What types of structural problems exist? Some companies offer financing if you cannot pay cash for the job, so that may be an option too.

Important things to know before getting your roof done, are how long will the Glendale roofing contractor take, how are they handling clean up, what responsibility (if any) are they taking for any exterior landscape damage that occurs as a result of the work and also very importantly, what kind of insurance coverage do they have for all of their workers? Do not assume that you “do not need to know”. You most certainly do, it is your house and whatever happens will be ultimately your problem if they are not properly covered.

All of that being said, these are just cautionary comments to you as the consumer. Of course getting a new roof put on will add value and appeal to your home.

The longevity of the roof, the quality of the work done, the overall look of it will determine how much value is added to your home. Being able to provide a potential buyer with documentation of a twenty year warranty for a brand new shiny roof that you just had put on will certainly go a long way towards you getting the price you want.

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