Blowing the Roof Off Roofing Scams in Glendale, Arizona

How To Stop Glendale Roofing Scams!

Blowing the Roof Off Roofing Scams in Glendale, Arizona
If you need roofing work in Glendale, it is important that you learn about some of the common roofing scams so that you know how to avoid them.
Glendale, Arizona

Roofing work can be quite expensive because of the high quality of materials and expert skill that is required to perform it. Unfortunately, those higher price points attract a lot of unethical companies that are just looking to make a buck without actually delivering the quality that is promised. Homeowners become the victims, losing their money while gaining an inferior roof that puts their homes in jeopardy.

If you need roofing work in Glendale, it is important that you learn about some of the common roofing scams so that you know how to avoid them. Here are a few of the roofing scams you might encounter in the Glendale area:

Storm Chasers

When a big storm is expected, it’s all over the news. And when a big storm is expected, a trail of roofing damage can also be expected to follow in its wake. Scam artists known as “storm chasers” need only watch the news to look for their latest victims.

The way storm chasers work is that they identify an area that has been hit by a big storm (or is expected to), and they go door-to-door or pass out flyers advertising their services. They then perform the lowest quality of work to pass a cursory inspection by the homeowner and to get the reimbursement they know the insurance company will provide. Since these storm chasers travel from around the country, they are long gone by the time the roof starts to have problems — which will usually be only after a few years.

Quality local companies will perform work that will last for 15 to 30 years, and they will provide a warranty for their services.

Vanishing Down Payment

Some roofing companies may ask for a down payment to get started on the work, but once they get the check, they never come back to perform the work. They are never heard from again.

Typically, insurance companies cut a check to homeowners for less than the anticipated full cost of the repairs, with the expectation that the roofing company will send them a bill for the balance. Scammers take this initial insurance check as a “deposit,” but then they never return.

To avoid this scam, it is important to never pay a down payment until work has actually begun or materials have been delivered to the site. Reading online reviews will also ensure that you have found a reputable company.

High-Pressure Sales Pitch

If you face a high-pressured sales pitch from any service provider, it should send up a red flag. Usually, if someone is trying to pressure you into signing a document right away without doing additional research, it’s because they know that they are offering an inferior service or price and don’t want you to get informed.

An unethical roofing company might use high-pressured sales tactics like telling you that the price is only available for a limited time or asking you to sign the contract on the spot. Always take the time to get multiple bids before you sign with any roofing company to ensure you are getting the very best deal.

Door Salesman

Many door-to-door salesman are scammers looking to make a sale at any cost. Some might perform an inspection and lie about damage by showing you a picture of another roof. Others might actually cause damage when they are on the roof, such as by tearing off shingles.

To avoid these and other types of roofing scams, it is important that you thoroughly investigate the reputation of any roofing company before you sign a contract for any roofing work. If a company has a spotty history, it will quickly become evident from online reviews or reports filed against the company with places like the Better Business Bureau.

Arizona Native Roofing prides itself on offering high-quality roofing services in Glendale and the surrounding area. Our Glendale roofing contractors have a well-earned reputation for exceptional service and workmanship, and we never use high-pressure sales tactics. What will we do is offer you a fair and accurate quote for your residential or commercial roofing work, and we will provide a warranty on all the work we perform.

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