5 Things to Know about Your Phoenix Foam Roof

5 Things to Know About Your Phoenix Foam Roof
Foam roofing is an excellent option for Phoenix roofs. It can withstand the high temperatures and the strong rains and winds that come through with summer storms. It is also easy to maintain and economical.

If you aren’t sure whether a foam roof is right for you, consider these five things you need to know about foam roofing:

Life Span of Foam Roofing

If you properly maintain your Phoenix foam roof , it can last a lifetime. Proper maintenance includes having a roofer reapply the SPF coating every few years, as well as cleaning, priming and recoating the whole roof every 10 or 15 years. With the right maintenance, the roof can last as long as the building.

Common Foam Roof Repairs

Some of the most common foam roofing problems are cracks and blisters. Though the material is sturdy, small cracks can appear over time (which can eventually become big cracks). These can be filled with caulk or specialty materials. Blisters can also form when moisture is present (such as after a crack has formed). Calling a Licensed roof repair company in Phoenix to make these repairs can protect the health of your roof.

Foam Roof Types

There are many types of foam that may be used for your roof. The most common include polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam. Foam roofing begins as a liquid that is sprayed on and then hardens as it dries. The application process allows it to conform to the exact shape and dimensions of your roof, providing total coverage.

Energy Savings of Foam Roofs

Foam roofs provide a great deal of insulation for your home, which helps you to conserve energy. The exact amount you are able to save depends on the other unique characteristics of your home, the type of roof you choose and the quality of the installation. However, in most cases, you can expect to see as much as 30 percent in energy savings due to your professionally installed Phoenix foam roofing.

Hiring a Foam Roofer

Hiring a roofer who is trained and experienced in installing foam roofs is essential. You should look for a roofer who is licensed in the exact type of roof you want installed, whether it is residential shingle roofing or commercial service contracts. Many foam roofers are not actually licensed in commercial roofing, and the majority of foam roofs are installed at businesses. Make sure you ask about the specific licensure the roofer has, how many years of experience the roofer has, and what insurance the roofer carries.

Arizona Native Roofing is licensed, bonded and insured to install and repair foam roofing for homes and businesses in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced roofers can also install and repair other types of roofs, such as shingle and clay tile. Call us today to find out how we can help you get the foam roof that your home or business needs to help you save energy, protect your property, and save you money on repairs and replacements over the years.

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