The Different Types of Roofing in Arizona

The desert heat in Arizona has a toll on your home, and is the leading cause to a variety of roof problems. If you have any issues that need to be addressed prior to the summer heat or anytime for that matter, your best interest would be to put your trust into a local family roofing company in Peoria, Arizona. Arizona Native Roofing uses experienced roofers with at least twelve years of experience and has been serving homeowners across the valley for years.

Types of roofing systems in Arizona Native Phoenix AZ

Arizona Tile Roofing

If you know anything about Arizona, tile roofing is a top choice for most families and contractors in the state. Whether it’s for a single family home, multi-family or business property, Phoenix tile roofing has hundreds of color options and styles to choose with the distinct look that is redolent of Arizona. The tile is constructed of concrete, clay, and basic raw materials of sand, cement, or water. Tile roofing portrays a southwestern look that many people admire. In addition to this, if any of your roof tiles break, fall off, or cause any leaks, individual roof tiles can be replaced with a simple call to your local Phoenix roofing contractor. As a plus, when you get new roof tiles, you can recycle the damaged tiles.

Arizona Shingle Roofing

A close second choice of roofing that’s common in Arizona would be the standard Paradise Valley shingle roofing. There are two primary forms of shingles: asphalt and organic. These types of roofing can tolerate any Arizona weather conditions and require little maintenance. This sturdy roofing system has a guaranteed minimum of twenty years or more. Shingle roofing now has multiple different colors and styles to choose from to fit the style of your home.

Arizona Foam Roofing

The newest form of roofing is foam roofing. This system provides a unique approach to combating the extreme heat, dust, and any other weather conditions Arizona may have throughout the year. This Peoria foam roofing spray is called Polyurethane Foam that is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and weather resistant. This roofing system is a long-term solution to safeguard your home. Foam roofing also reduces noise factors and energy costs, helps with slope and drainage by the different contours, and is a great choice for uniquely shaped and sized homes. Most consumers go for foam roofing because it’s highly secure and fits into a variety of roof styles.

Arizona Native Roofing A Peoria Roofing Company

Arizona Metal Roofing

Metal roofing isn’t as common as other roof types in Arizona, but it’s still being used for a number of homes and businesses across the Phoenix Valley. This energy efficient roofing system can save you money on utility bills and helps the environment by using 30-60% recycled materials. Having metal roofing will protect your home up to a life time. It can withstand diverse weather conditions, from the extreme heat of Arizona summers to the heavy monsoon storms. Many homeowners are drawn to the variety of styles metal roofing provides.

There are many choices for Phoenix roofing systems. Whether a tile roof, shingle roof, foam roof, or metal roof is best for your Arizona home, you’ll need a company who takes pride in their work and uses only quality materials. Arizona Native Roofing in Phoenix has been providing quality roof repair and roof installation services across the Phoenix Valley for years. Contact Arizona Native Roofing today at 602-348-6559!

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